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Dead Star Verse Picking. Wtf.


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So ive recently decided to start going over all the songs i know on guitar and fill in the gaps - parts of the songs i left out before when learning them either because I was too lazy or inexperienced, one such part is the verse for Dead Star, I left it out before because when I started learning it I remembered how it sounded on the album and older live versions (before it was replaced with a synth part) and thought "screw that" as it sounded insanely fast, 99% of the tabs for it say It's a simple b, g, d, g, b picking pattern, but it's clear that each string is picked twice, even now as i try to learn it, I find it impossible. Is it really double picking each string, which is how it sounds to me, or something else? It can't be a studio effect, as this "double picking" or whatever it is was also done live when dead star was performed a lot, ive considered the possibility that it is delay, but it sounds like it is just picked notes, not picked notes and delays, if it is double picking each note then does anyone have any tips on becoming that fast besides practicing it for days on end? someone please help :s

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