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2013.07.14 - Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany


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Great pictures Will!! How did you get your big photocamera inside? Or did you have a small pocket camera for the gig?


It wasan't a big camera, just a Camera with a (decent) zoom, and i just carried it in, haha.


I wish i could of taken my DSLR in, Could of got some awesome shots then.

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I know I mentioned on here that my purse was pick pocketed whilst I was in Berlin - I'd posted to warn others to be extra careful.


I've had good news today - my insurance company will be paying out next week - I will get the money back that was stolen:D


Only thing I can't get back is the weekly ABC travel card I'd brought - they would pay out but they need a receipt and I've not got one so that's fair enough.


If by any chance anyone happens to have a receipt for a 5 day ABC welcome card please let me know (dated around 10th/11th July) as I could claim back the €36.50 if I had a receipt!

Long shot I know but never hurts to ask!

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Owww so sorry! As I got the same ticket dated on 13th I just checked my purse but I can't find a reciept of it! Did you pay with credit card?


Thanks, these things happen it was annoying but didn't let it spoil my holiday and at least I'm getting most of what I lost back thanks to the insurance paying out.


I didn't pay by card I'd got all euros to use for the week - so as the machine wasn't working I went to he counter to get my ticket and paid cash, didn't think to ask for a receipt - had got receipts for everything else and currency slips thankfully.

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