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  1. the black muse brain logo shirt with 2013 tourdates isnt available in size m. Will there be a restock of this item in the near future? Or is this 10% sale a way to get rid of the 2013 tour merch and so theres no restock anymore?
  2. okk, i thought you had your DSLR with you. but now it makes sense
  3. Great pictures Will!! How did you get your big photocamera inside? Or did you have a small pocket camera for the gig?
  4. great that you had a good time. If it's the jam after Stockholm than it is the Freedom (Rage against the machine) outro. Matt sings freedommmmmmmm
  5. does anybody know if there's a picture of the setlist? thnx in advance
  6. I've took a pic from the timetable which was under the b-stage. Muse were supposed to come on at 20:15 and play until 22:30. But they started at 20:30 if i remember correctly so that's 15 min later. Dracula mountain, 1 piano song (played on the piano at b-stage) & black out is just like 15min of a gig.
  7. playlist containing follow me, resistance, Stockholm syndrome (incl freedom riff), guiding light, monty jam, isolated system + start of uprising
  8. ahhh you should've joined the group, they are very nice and fun to talk with. I was queuing early so I only got back to the group a couple of times.
  9. great gig, a pity they only played 1 piano song and cut out blackout and Dracula Mountain (jam). Liked that the catwalk was much shorter than at the other gigs so I had great view at the B-stage AND mainstage to everybody who were at the muse meeting. nice to meet you guys and hang out the day before. Hopefully you all had an amazing time.
  10. on youtube there are loads of vids from events/gigs at the Waldbuhne, I guess there's no restriction for pocketcameras like Panasonic Lumix or other small camera's
  11. don't know sure about the curfew yet. but what you said made me change my mind a bit because I hate waiting . If we''ll get the full 2 hour set i'd be happy anyway
  12. hopefully they'll play later but I guess the early curfew rules in Berlin are forcing them to start earlier
  13. to be sure. the 2nd meet up is at 17:00 right under/near the Brandenburger Tor so not in a cafe or coffeeshop? if everything goes according to plan I'll be there. see you saturday! @Lazlo have a nice trip
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