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    28 Nov 2006 - Brabanthallen, 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
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    19 Jun 2010 - Goffertpark, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    11 Sep 2010 - Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom
    17 Dec 2012 - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  1. You have to set the language to Italian, otherwise it doesn't work. But the website is ridiculously slow.
  2. Lever locations: [{"id":1,"lat":48.164275,"lng":11.60529,"title":"English Garden"}, {"id":2,"lat":51.51,"lng":-0.134911,"title":"Piccadilly Circus"}, {"id":3,"lat":52.53847,"lng":13.396023,"title":"Berlin Wall"}, {"id":4,"lat":48.894215,"lng":2.393224,"title":"Zenith"}, {"id":5,"lat":48.175496,"lng":11.551842,"title":"Olympiapark"}, {"id":6,"lat":50.545415,"lng":-3.495288,"title":"The Den"}, {"id":7,"lat":50.969594,"lng":7.016576,"title":"Cologne"}, {"id":8,"lat":60.168633,"lng":24.933139,"title":"Tavastia"}, {"id":9,"lat":59.330259,"lng":18.06509,"title":"Bengans"}, {"id":10,"lat":57.699175,"lng":11.933681,"title":"Bengans"}, {"id":11,"lat":47.547424,"lng":19.050127,"title":"SZIGET Festival"}, {"id":12,"lat":-37.817779,"lng":144.967213,"title":"Flinders Street Station"}, {"id":13,"lat":42.696633,"lng":23.336169,"title":"Bulgaria"}, {"id":14,"lat":-26.279725,"lng":28.12978,"title":"Newmarket Racecourse"}, {"id":15,"lat":-33.996064,"lng":18.485891,"title":"Kenilworth Racecourse"}, {"id":16,"lat":41.389951,"lng":2.136319,"title":"Sala Bikini"}, {"id":17,"lat":41.905854,"lng":12.482625,"title":"Spanish Steps"}, {"id":18,"lat":43.647187,"lng":-79.377722,"title":"Hockey Hall Of Fame"}, {"id":19,"lat":52.231267,"lng":21.023179,"title":"Warsaw National Museum"}, {"id":20,"lat":53.42683,"lng":-1.363651,"title":"Rotherham United FC"}, {"id":21,"lat":40.720406,"lng":-73.993358,"title":"Bowery Ballroom"}, {"id":22,"lat":45.500192,"lng":-73.572563,"title":"HMV Montreal"}, {"id":23,"lat":-22.97101,"lng":-43.187343,"title":"Copacabana"}, {"id":24,"lat":34.097426,"lng":-118.329242,"title":"Amoeba"}];
  3. No, maybe moved to Veltins-Arena (Schalke 04). See http://www.der-ring.de/de/news/standortdiskussion-stellt-festival-nicht-in-frage
  4. Indeed an awesome video. Thanks for the pictures, they are nice.
  5. Just returned from Berlin. Really enjoyed last weekend. It was a great gig and thanks for the great muser meetups before and after the gig.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, we will be under the Brandenburger Tor at 17:00.
  7. I've updated this post with the latest info about the 17:00 meetup. Tomorrow morning I will be hitchhiking to Berlin so I will probably not have access to the internet before the meet. So if there are additions and / or more people attending then please copy my post and update the info.
  8. How about the Brandenburger Tor? Then we 'end' our sightseeing there.
  9. I do not use a smartphone, so that won't work. We can also have a second meeting planned at 17:00 for example.
  10. Almost every restaurant in Friedrichshain (Simon-Dach strasse, Boxhagener strasse) serves vegetarian meals. In the Boxhagener strasse they have a Vöner, a vegetarian Döner bar
  11. Maybe I just walk fast But more important, are joining us on saturday?
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