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  1. Thanks, these things happen it was annoying but didn't let it spoil my holiday and at least I'm getting most of what I lost back thanks to the insurance paying out. I didn't pay by card I'd got all euros to use for the week - so as the machine wasn't working I went to he counter to get my ticket and paid cash, didn't think to ask for a receipt - had got receipts for everything else and currency slips thankfully.
  2. I know I mentioned on here that my purse was pick pocketed whilst I was in Berlin - I'd posted to warn others to be extra careful. I've had good news today - my insurance company will be paying out next week - I will get the money back that was stolen:D Only thing I can't get back is the weekly ABC travel card I'd brought - they would pay out but they need a receipt and I've not got one so that's fair enough. If by any chance anyone happens to have a receipt for a 5 day ABC welcome card please let me know (dated around 10th/11th July) as I could claim back the €36.50 if I had a receipt! Long shot I know but never hurts to ask!
  3. I do have some photos but from the back however I did take a few zoomed in pics of the barrier crowd which I will eventually put on here in case anyone spots themselves or their friends. I was trying out the zoom on the TZ -30 camera and it was pretty good!
  4. Wow what a venue and a great gig!
  5. Id not heard anything but this did happen in Marley Park some years back I spent the day sight seeing and arrived about 5pm and was given a wrist band and didnt realise it was for the golden circle - had not expected it and did seem unfair but meant i was close to the front which was really good.
  6. Anyone heard anymore about the camera situation? I'd emailed the stadium but in English but never got a reply. Don't want to get there to find my camera can't go in & I'll need to get out as soon as it finishes as I want to get back to Alexanderplatz as I'm travelling on my own.
  7. Hi everyone - sorry I won't get to the meet ups - not fair to leave my non Muse friend I'm here on holiday with! Can I just post a warning - I had my purse pick pocketed yesterday from my bag. This had a lot of my holiday spending money & 2 bank cards/student ID in it. I've had the cards cancelled & have got a crime number off the police here. Not nice - I'm not going to let it spoil things but would hate for it to happen to anyone else. It could of happened anywhere - Berlin has low crime rates & is a great city with lots of lovely people but like any city there are pickpockets & they got me this time. Luckily they didn't get the whole bag as that had camera, passport & iPhone in - they missed the iPhone under the purse luckily. I thought I was being careful but wasn't enough - so just be aware of bag/money security as in any city. Hope you have a great meet up
  8. Can you contact the booking agency? Maybe there is a way to collect it at the venue if there is a box office there?
  9. Me too - I'm hoping for lower heat not something like it is now here! I'm not great in the heat!
  10. I won't be able to queue as I won't go in until gates open/after as I shall be site seeing round Berlin with my friend I'm going on holiday with (she's not into Muse so not going to the gig) Wonder what the weather will be like a week today in Berlin - think it might be slightly cooler than the UK is at the mo!
  11. I'd like to see Bastille but maybe Berlin will just have 2 supports?
  12. That's what I'm planning - I can't get there until doors or a bit after and I'm not after the standing part but would like a seat (until Muse come on) I'm going on my own so was hoping I might find a seat on the lower area.
  13. Thanks - I shall be self catering so will get some snack bars at the Veganz vegan supermarket to take or something, will eat at lunchtime so won't need a lot, doubt I'd bother with the food vans there as at most venues I've never found much vegan anyway. I think the small cameras will be ok - have emailed the venue to check. Yes Panasonic does seem the Muser favourite choice of camera! I use to have a TZ-5 and have upgraded to the TZ-30 now and not really had chance to use that yet. I won't be anywhere near the front as going in later but think the view of whole venue is good from higher up and further back. I don't know any German which is really bad I know but so excited about the concert and for my weeks holiday to Berlin! Got my euros yesterday so everything is sorted now:D
  14. I'm planning to eat in Berlin or cook something at the apartment before I head over - I won't be going until doors as I'm on holiday with my friend who's not a Muse fan and don't want to leave her all day - not really fair. I shall take a snack bar or sandwich in with me I think - I'm sure I can manage to get that in without problems. I doubt I'd find much to eat in there as I'm vegan but will find a beer I'm sure. I might take a small plastic bottle of water or carton of juice in as I like a drink with me on the way back. Hoping the camera will be ok - I can't see them banning cameras
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