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    Im 36 and live in the Midlands, Im a vegan and big Muse fan
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    West Midlands
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    Music, shopping, travelling, animals, vegan cookery, film,
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    Support Tutor
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    Levellers, Killers, REM, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, to name a few!
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    Its a Wonderful Life, Simpsons Movie, The Lost Boys and many others....
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    Heroes, 24, Casulty, Torchwood
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    Royal Albert Hall (1st Muse gig!)
    Dublin 13th August
    V festival Weston Park
    NIA Birmingham 10/11/09
  1. Happy Christmas :)

  2. I know cant wait - so great to be seeing them :-)

  3. It's fine

    I'm seeing them, i'm happy :)

  4. Hi thanks for the offer - the person from work with mobility problems is off sick so has decided not to go/get a ticket. Im going with 2 friends - got 3 standing tickets. Sorry we cant swap - have a great time!

  5. I have two seated in the disabled section willing to swap for 2 standing for your friend with mobility issues

  6. Hi - afraid Im not going to the 02 gig now due to not finishing work but sold my ticket to my friend in London so he will be in my seat instead! So sad I cant go but got Brum tomorrow. Have a great time Fri!

  7. Heyy, just remembered, you're behind me at the O2!!

    see you there! :D

  8. hay there just a quicky


    would it be possible to get a copy of your letter from the NIA about cameras? because i spoke to their costomer service people about the SLR thing and they said it should be fine to get mine in but i'll have to take a copy of the letter to get it past security cause as a genral rule they dont let them in at all.


    if thats cool with you my email is remus.slocombe@pins.gsi.gov.uk

    many thanks


  9. Hi Ali!! How are you?? How has work been this week? I've started my primary health care clinical education, it's great fun but my head feels overloaded with new impressions :LOL: You got any upcoming gigs? I'm looking forward to the Coldplay gig atm :) *hugs*

  10. Hey babe! Was so great to meet you in Dublin, next time in England I'm coming to visit ;)

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