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2011-08-13 Outside Lands Festival [AUD FLAC]

We Want The Cup

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Outside Lands Festival - San Francisco, California - Golden Gate Park


Recorded by: Anthony (wewantthecup)

Gear: Zoom H2 internal mic

Lineage: Zoom H2 [24/48] > CD Wave > FLAC



NOTES: Feel free to share on other websites in this FLAC format only.

Feel free to use on your video projects.



NOTES: This is a nice keepsake for anyone that attended the show. However,

the quality is not the greatest due to many talkers and non-sense

noise makers. There ar emany people singing to the music, which

is nice, but there were many idiots trying to ruin the fun.

They succeeded in many places, such as Citizen Erased's quiet parts.

Still, I hope you can enjoy listening back to remember a great night!


NOTES: If anyone out there wants to attempt to master this recording to make

Muse louder, and the talkers quieter, please be my guest.



01. Siren Intro

02. Uprising

03. Supermassive Black Hole

04. Hysteria

05. Map of the Problematique

06. Butterflies and Hurricanes

07. Guiding Light

08. Citizen Erased

09. Nishe

10. United States of Eurasia

11. Helsinki Jam

12. Undisclosed Desires

13. Resistance

14. Time is Running Out

15. Starlight

16. Stockholm Syndrome

17. Plug in Baby

18. Knights of Cydonia

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nice! thank you, although the sound during the set was shi...t......


the volume was way too low!!!!!!


have you ever been to a paul mccartney's concert? that's what a rock show should sound like all the times!!!!!


I imagine it is just difficult to get it to sound loud in ALL locations at a fesitval. I got close to the stage, but at a point in between front speakers and back speakers. It didn't sound great. I should have stayed farther back by the back speakers, but I didn't because my friend wanted to get closer, and I wasn't about to say no to her. Oh well.

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