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  1. This is my theory: Muse have lost a lot of fans throughout the years in the US.... As a consequence of that, their core fan base have gotten older. That's why we had many over 40 fans at staples sitting down texting during the show . A band that has renewed its fan base would be franz Ferdinand..... You go to their show and you see 90% 18-35 fans .......
  2. If muse would play fro 3 Hr like Paul does and has been doing for the last 15 years, I am sure that the vast majority of the people would not be complaining at all. On the contrary, they would even dare that they had just seen the best show ever. Instead, playing just a 90 min show, it cheapens the quality of the show. Paul doesn' t do a different show, his show is just varied, he goes from songs like blackbird to Helter skelter , it's an emotional roller coaster. Muse could easily do something like that...... I am not a fan of theatric incorporated in a rock show......mainly because now you are watching a broadway show which has nothing to do with a rock and roll show. Because of all the " theatric" we get 80% playback tapes and only 20 % live music, which everybody knows that in rock, that's totally unacceptable. Let's be honest here, people don't want to see muse playing only 20% live music..........we didn't come to see Britney Spears or a JT show. If mick jagger can run up and down the stage for over 2 hours, I don't see why Matt couldn't extend their set. in other words, we want less theatric and more live music.......it's very simple. Theatric for what????!!! so we can hear tapes and lip synching???? no thank you.
  3. They are not ridiculous , 5-6 people over a certain age who are energetic out of 1000 s??!! Still a very low percentage . And I have nothing against different demographics , my musical hero is 73, and he is still much cooler than young guys in younger bands. However, generally speaking , fans over the age of 40 bring the energy level down because they prefer to sit. A lot of them prefer to sit because of health issues , such as back problems, knew problems etc... As they should. Nothing wrong with that, cos everyone should enjoy themselves , it s just that at a rock concert, the show could suffer as a result of low energy crowd.
  4. Yes!!!! And that s my point . If Paul can play for 3 hrs at 73 years old , there is no reason for muse to play that short of a show. That's embarrassing that they only place for 90 min, totally unacceptable !!'n
  5. Just cos your mom was into it and very passionate , she doesn't represent the vast majority of the over 50 fans. I saw the whole premier section , which was composed by at least 70 % of people over 40.... And they sat down the entire show and left after Uprising . The bad feeds off the energy for the crowd , all bands do, not just muse . So , all I am saying is that if they were flat this weekend, partly it was because of the crowd .
  6. No.... Have we lost our mind ?????!!! We have people being thrilled about hearing a riff??!!!!!!! Instead of being upset about the Caput set list , we are hearing getting excited over couple bars of a riff??!!!!!!!!!!'?? No wonder Matt and company don't wanna play different songs , cos they know they could get away with it by playing couple riffs and that s it
  7. As trump would say.... No need to be politically correct.... If we wanna get things done , we can't be lolly gagging and be politically correct
  8. Just cos you are a fan doesn't mean you have to like everything that they throw at you. Being a fan means also being able to criticize poor choices and decisions. It s like in sports .... You could love your team, but if the coach puts out the wrong line up.... You boo and criticize .... Same for muse and the show they put out Friday and Saturday. These shows were caput..... Caput crowd, caput setlist , caput stage , caput playback tapes caput everything . The previous 2 tours were much much better than this stupid drones
  9. Saturday was bad not only because of the setlist .... But Also the crowd, I was surprised to see so many people over 40 at a muse concert . Since when they have an older following? Or are these over 4O fans been a fan since 1999??!! Of course when you have an older crowd , you will have people sitting down.... And people who would want to stand up and make a fuss , would be less inclined to do so out of respect of these older folks. So in practice , it s a domino effect. Older crowd are like mummies, younger kids don't want to piss them off, hence, low energy crowd, making the band play caput because they feed off the caput crowd. Then the stage ... Stupid stage. Then the pkay back tapes..... They look very silly making pekoe think then with 4 guys they could re produce all that sounds Then the click track....... You would think after 20 years of playing that would be tighter playing live without click track . Matt voice is a one trick pony Matt lack of showmanship Chris not having the balls to tell Matt he wanna sing
  10. Muse should be ashamed to call themselves a rock band. Matt vocals are just a one trick pony. Falsetto and that's it. He should let Chris sing more songs....just like the Beatles were.....the beatles, all 4 of them sang live. Friday show was caput, saturday show was caput, the crowd was aweful, the stage was lame, the set list sucked!!!!! And they call themselves a rock band????? What rock band uses click track all over the place? what true rock band uses play back tapes??????!!!!!! Because they are shady with play back tapes and click tracks....makes me wonder if Matt is really singing......... what a shame.....and the 2 la shows were the worst shows I have seen this year, and I have seen many many shows in 2015.
  11. You just have to admit, last night and friday night shows were very very very bad. This whole tour has been a fiasco....the 360 stage configuration is a stupid idea. THey wanna make their own version of the Wall?????!!! Why not come up with something original instead of copying Roger waters...... Last night show was mediocre for the following reasons : Stage set up Playback tapes Click track all over the place Caput set list Low energy Crowd Matt lack of showmanship Chris didn't sing lead If felt like a broadway show rather than a rock show The rolling stones and Paul McCartney take muse to school even in their 70s Matt's falsetto is over the top......he needs to learn not to over use his falsetto
  12. Just cos you are energetic, doesn't meant that the vast majority of people over 40 are headbanging. I am not even saying that going to a rock show , headbanging and making a big fuss is required. However, the band feeds of the energely level of the crowd, and that's been documented. If they play to a crowd of over 40, and they are just sitting down and starring, the band will play in a certain way. When you have a younger crowd and they are signing to every song , jumping up and down, of course the band will be more into it. Why do you think bands love going to South America and play??????!!!!! Because it's a younger audience, and bands love that. Last night was a caput show.........too many people sitting down, GA section was like a cemetery.......
  13. no, Matt must learn how to interact with the crowd. one of the reasons why last night's show was caput, it was because matt was lacking with the showmanship....... The encore playback tame was so cheap....why would they play a tape of the Globalist and not try to actually sing and play the song. That alone , it cheapened the show. We should demand our money back!!!!
  14. No. Muse have to thank US radio for playing their songs and making them popular. A lot of great bands weren't as lucky as Muse to have their songs played on the radio over here.....Look at Franz Ferdinad, a fantastic band , but zero air play. That's why they still play the Wiltern and not Staples. If it weren't for Radio hooking them up, they would be playing the Fonda, nevermind playing at staples. The low energy is because of the older audience. That's no secret. Why would anyone get GA tickets to just stand there like a mummy??????!! I don't get it.
  15. One thing is talking way too much like BOno who preaches as if he were the pope or something........But Matt doesn't say a word, and that's lack of showmanship. You would think that after 15 plus years of performing he would learn a few tricks ....but he is seem more shy than ever before. I mean, he didn't say anything, no joke, no stories, no nothing except, " Hello LA, and Merry Christmas"
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