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Muse Multi-cam DVD uploaded! (Live in Indiana, with Resistance Tour Bonus Disc)

We Want The Cup

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DVD DONE!!! http://torrents.musebootlegs.com/details.php?id=759




Live at Verizon Wireless Music Center

Noblesville, Indiana, USA, 2011-08-03


DISC ONE: Muse Live in Indiana, August 3rd, 2011


01. Exogenesis: Overture

02. Uprising

03. Map of the Problematique

04. Who Knows Who riff

05. Kaoss Jam

06. Supermassive Black Hole

07. 2004 Glasto intro to B&H

08. Butterflies and Hurricanes

09. Guiding Light

10. Interlude

11. Hysteria

12. Back in Black riff

13. Nishe

14. United States of Eurasia

15. Helsinki Jam

16. Keytar Solo

17. Undisclosed Desires

18. Resistance

19. Starlight

20. Time is Running Out

21. Jimmy Jam

22. Power of Soul riff

23. Intro to Stockholm Syndrome

24. Stockholm Syndrome

25. Township Rebellion riff

26. Endless Nameless riff

27. Plug in Baby

28. Man With a Harminoca

29. Knights of Cydonia


Video: Widescreen

Audio: LPCM Stereo



DISC TWO: Muse Live in various USA locations, September/October 2010


01. New Born [Long Island, NY, 10/23]

02. Re Born [Long Island, NY, 10/23]

03. Neutron Star Collision [Los Angeles, CA, 9/26]

04. Feeling Good [Newark, NJ, 10/24]

05. Ruled By Secrecy [san Diego, CA, 9/22]

06. Unnatural Selection [Los Angeles, CA, 9/26]

07. MK Ultra [Los Angeles, CA, 9/25]

08. Citizen Erased [Newark, NJ, 10/24]

09. Bliss [Los Angeles, CA, 9/26]

10. Stockholm Syndrome [Los Angeles, CA, 9/26]

11. Riffgasm [Los Angeles, CA, 9/26]

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Would you happen to have one of the videos up on YouTube to preview it. It's going to take days for me to download the DVD cause my shit internet and I want a little taste. :D


I'll try. I havent heard anything but good comments about it though, if that helps :)

It sounds amazing, and looks good most of the time.

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Disc 1 of the DVD (first half)

(thumbnail looks so cool!)




Yeah! That was my favorite! Good work all around though. :yesey:



Thanks! On the Bonus Disc my favorite is probably Unnatural Selection. I was actually 100% sick of it for the last 10 months... but the footage is good and the audio is great, and that performance was pretty amazing. It sounds so good on my system!

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