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  1. No, I'd say it's healthy that you aren't mad....as opposed to me, who DID get barrier and still holds a grudge. I just hope he shows up next time because we will be ready for him.
  2. Did a bootleg for our amazing gig ever turn up? I wish you had said something, then we could have met and you could have walked up to the RBC Center with us. But we met anyway so it was meant to be. It's been over a year and I *still* get mad thinking about that little douche.
  3. I think the same thing whenever I see an RBC Bank. *sigh* Considering how fucking clueless the RBC staff was, it's amazing that we got barrier. Hopefully, they will be prepared for us next time. It's just too bad that Eddie no longer works there.
  4. So one year ago today, I was pacing nervously in the hotel, watching out the window in the dark to see if anyone was heading up to the RBC Center to queue. What a day and night that was! It was great to see the Boys from barrier but even greater to meet all of you lovely Musers. Miss you much. xx
  5. Â I was so happy to finally meet you, although I feel like I already knew you from my online world. Your photos are WONDERFUL!!! I should have been getting tips from you. I hope I wasn't too obnoxious with my, ahem, enthusiasm. Glad you made it home safely. Â I had an amazing time in Indy, but much of that has to do with spending time with my Muser friends and meeting new ones. We are a friendly bunch! I'm still running on fumes but wanted to share my overall impression of the show. I think Exo is an odd opening, especially without the towers. The guys were just standing around Dom's drums, not really much of a 'wow' factor. (It takes huge cajones to open LA Rising with that because I'd think that crowd would think ) Seeing B&H live made my night--it was that good. I really thought we had the best shot at getting some OoS, being that we were the only stand-alone Muse gig. Once I heard CE being soundchchecked, Muse-logic told me we probably wouldn't get it. If only that held true for GL, which just made me after B&H. Dom and Chris looked really bored during GL, which is understandable, but I did enjoy the fireworks visuals. When SS closed the main set, I dared to hope that Muse would defy their twisted logic and open the encore with CE. Nope, we got a short encore but I always enjoy KOC as a closer. I had the best time and don't think Muse could ever put on a bad show. But...if I had gone to Indy strictly for the show alone, I think I would have left disappointed. It was still a TR tour setlist and I think they should have pulled out something special for their only stand alone date. When are they planning to rehearse OoS?
  6. Did you get your tickets via the Muse presale or through Live Nation?
  7. I'm popping in to reply for Christina because I don't think she knows our hotel: we're staying at Cambria Suites. Renee, are you driving up with Mandy?
  8. QFT Same here. I am looking forward to a Muser meet-up in Indy!
  9. Please ask for a Muse presale, too.
  10. Round Two voting has begun: http://newsroom.mtv.com/tag/march-madness/
  11. Voted...and was sad to see that Muse doesn't have a very big lead.
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