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  1. From one filmmaker to another, Liam, that was incredible. I felt like I was discovering Muse all over again. I can't really think of a better compliment then that. I can't wait to see all the extra footage and to experience the rest of Muse's career first hand.
  2. I had to wait to get paid. Couldn't get one. If I could get one that'd be great. 2 would be perfect.
  3. If GA is sold out I might seriously throw something.
  4. Indianapolis in 2011 was damn close to no Origin. Plug In Baby was the only Origin song played. But pre 2001 there were a lot of gigs played without Origin songs.
  5. I will be there but sadly didn't get GA. The pains of trying to plan a trip with others
  6. Tales became legend, legend became myth, and some things which should not have been forgotten became lost...until Muse: The Movie was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable...on dec. 27th...I hope
  7. I'm going to be there! St pattys day weekend, muse. Vegas? Hell yes. Also don't turn 21 til may but ill find a way. This is going to be a great gig!
  8. I actually started with RBS and Space Dementia. But I've been playing musical instruments my whole life. But Feeling Good and New Born definitely good starting points.
  9. Mick4Kizna

    Easily (Live)

    That is amazing...but so sadly true.
  10. Showbiz: Unintended Origin of Symmetry: Feeling Good Absolution: Intro Black Holes & Revelations: Exo Politics The Resistance: I Belong To You Though I'll have it be known I love these songs they're just my least favorite.
  11. They did, it was just hard to see a lot of the visuals with that tower set up. the only ones that really came in clear were New Born, Feeling Good, and Stockholm Syndrome. At least at the show I was at.
  12. I could if I really sat down and tried. Haven't really done that. I am a video and computer person. I'm just being lazy. *edit Opened DVD Player on my mac and it worked fine. I've been stressed and my brain doesn't work properly anymore. Cheers on the great DVD
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