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Bliss Arpeggios


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Looking through Wikipedia, i took notice that Bellamy said that Bliss is his favourite song "because it's got all these 80s arpeggios and keyboards on it which remind me of some music I heard on some children’s music programme when I was five. I think I ripped it off that. And that reminds me of when I was a bit simpler, a bit more of a pleasant state."


However, the article also says that it souns like track 1 of the game Top Gear for Nintendo, however, i found this song that fits much better to what Bellamy was saying (after all, the Neverending Story film is from 1984, Matt was 6 then):




What do you think? Is Neverending Story the music Bellamy was thinking of?


I think it would be pretty cool a Bliss - Neverending Story medley during a concert, :)

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No, i don't think so, but it is sufficiently similar, and closer to a child show than top gear is. And Bellamy was 14 when Top Gear came out.


Maybe Top Gear and Bliss are both influenced by the Neverending Story.


Anyway, i thought it would be cool to share it, and the idea of a Bliss - Neverending story mix during a concert sounded really great to me, hehe

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