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  1. What time of today do we usually get it 🤔 btw, Merry Christmas everybody !! 🎄🎅🎁🎉
  2. So ein Sch ... ausverkauft! Ich hoffe, sie produzieren welche nach!
  3. It looks like you can‘t order it, nowhere 😨 my order from a store in Austria got cancelled, so was one from a friend of mine who ordered it somewhere else .. I mean .. ugh! clicking on every link on muse.mu .... no!
  4. Ooohhhhh hm ok .... ST The dark side The Void Algorithm Drones Reapers Handler The Globalist T2l Isolated system Supremacy Panic station The Resistance Exogenesis 1-3 😜 Resistance MK Ultra BH&R Take a bow Assassin Hoodoo Absolution SS Ruled by secrecy B&H Hullaballoo Hyper chondriac music Nature 1 Yes please OOS CE Megalomania Space dementia Showbiz Showbiz Sunburn Unintended
  5. I won‘t listen to it on yt when I will be able to listen to it on my (btw excellent sounding 😍) stereo , hopefully soon! It‘s like listening to it on a crappy phone 😂
  6. Just saw that Recess (version from OOM?) is on yt. I refuse to listen to this on there lol ... waiting for my box to arrive instead. Yes, it‘s expensive, some can‘t afford it and then yt is .. ok ? I won‘t search for it, it came up in my suggestions .. Algorithm strikes again 👀
  7. I‘m in with Absolution. Not so sure with Bh&r .. my CD sounds pretty good! But as I don‘t have OOM yet, I can‘t say for sure if I‘ll change my mind then 😂
  8. Guys! Stay here! Write about anything, but stay! who else got the box?
  9. I mean, who is the longest still active member here? Definately not me ... who has acess to a statistic? 🧐🤪
  10. I think I know who „wins“ it .. of course I mean „... IS your ..“ 😬
  11. Macht ja nix ☺️ ja, dachte dass es das Geschäft sicher haben wird .. was solls, kanns eh nicht ändern.
  12. Bits of Globalist and Drones 😎 https://www.3sat.de/kultur/pop-around-the-clock/muse-102.html
  13. I don‘t mind spoilers, go on! By the time I get my box I‘ve forgotten what you said about it 😝
  14. Wer hat denn „schon“ die Box? Ich wollt sie heut kaufen, das Geschäft hatte sie nicht. Also bestellt, jetzt 2-3 Wochen warten 😑😪 hoffentlich zu Weihnachten 😰
  15. Oooohhhh! Enjoy it Jobby ! 🥳🤩
  16. I think they thought it wouldn‘t be such a hit🧐😊 who has it now and can tell us about it?
  17. I need to wait maybe 2-3 weeks 😭 it‘s not in stock in the shop I wanted to buy it in .. too special for Austria maybe? 🤨🤯 no, too special for my tiny city ...
  18. including an interview with Matt! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000cr31
  19. It‘s finally out today! Some got it already (not me). I can‘t wait!
  20. I love piano versions 😍 I don’t have it, hopefully tomorrow!
  21. btw, has it leaked yet? Not that I want it to .....
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