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  1. Yeah, I don‘t know. .. I got other coloured vinyl and it sounds great! Oh! That‘s a nice idea of Radiohead 🙂 continuing with the CDs of the boxset : Loving the OOS b-sides, think I‘ll put this one on a lot in the near future ! OOS live ... Feels like ages ago that I’ve watched the gig on youtube, can’t remember a lot of it.. Good sound for a live recording, as Jobby mentioned earlier! Loving it so far .. that falsetto in Bliss 😍 Loads of chest voice in Space dementia 😊 lol .. needed to wake some ppl up with the sounds after Hyper music, Matt? 😂 me turning the volume down a bit .. But nice hearing the start of the song differently than nowadays 🤪 The neverending beauty of CE, the clear out-of-this-world-heights of Micro cuts .. goosebumps with Megalomania ... this CD is a jewel!
  2. Yeah, I meant because of the sleeve 😅 I read that a sleeve should have a plastic layer on the inside so the vinyl won‘t get scratches. Well, no plastic layer for Muse .. plus I read that coloured vinyls sound worse than the black ones.
  3. How long are you staying in Europe? You never know with them! Maybe they‘ll be on the road again in spring .. or summer .. or earlier? Or next year .. But I know the feeling of missing out on gigs .. happened to me with another fave singer of mine: fan since childhood, too young to go to a concert when he came to Austria. Then he never toured in Europe, until about 2006 and yes, visited Austria! So I had to wait to finally see him live for about 18 years 🤪 But you‘ll see Muse earlier 😎
  4. Referring to getting a replacement copy: Yes, I would if I could get it Immediantly, if the shop where I bought it would have it in stock now! The rest of the box is totally fine. No, a new vinyl should sound perfectly if the dust got removed with such a brush for vinyl before playing it, and shouldn’t have any scratches! I noticed mine are quite statically charged so the dust loves to stick to it 😅 it‘s maybe from the cover?
  5. It‘s sad. I’ve watched documentaries about too less record factories.. one, I guess it is innGermany, still works with the old machines but if parts get broken they can‘t assure they can fix it again, if they‘d get new parts for it at all! I bought new records recently and they are all totally fine. It could be that the pressings collided with the pressings for Record Store Day in autumn, and they were rushed through? Guess where the glue is on? At the end of Futurism! The only song that‘s NOT on the vinyl I already had before 😭
  6. Scorpions „Still loving you“ in a Muse- version 😬😎 and ... don‘t come @ me .... Simon & Garfunkel „Bridge over troubled water“ but not in a rock-version .. I think I‘d love to hear Matt singing the high bits in chest-voice 😁 if he can‘t falsetto 😏
  7. Hm I‘m comparing the vinyl OOS to the one I already had, 180g as well. The one I already had sounds better! 😧 The one from the box has less bass, and my „old“ one sounds more raw. does this mean, I need to buy Showbiz on 180g vinyl now 🤯 I intended to buy Absolution anyway so ... 😂 btw, how is it possible that the new vinyls, before playing them ,have already light scratches and some cracking sounds (from dust..) AND it looks like glue on the vinyl on side D! I tried to wipe it away with warm water, it‘s almost gone but you hear it .. at least the needle is not jumping there! The vinyls have been cut out badly too .Anyone else got such problems? 🤨
  8. Gut, ich versuch mal was von meinen Posts zu übersetzen: Nun zur nächsten CD (Showbiz demos) und .. alles klingt hier klar und meine Ohren sagen danke! Interessante Versionen bekannter Lieder, manchmal singt man mit aber moment ... es gibt dazwischen plötzlich einen extra Instrumentalteil 😅 oder das Lied hört plötzlich auf, Plug in baby klingt so anders! Warum ist Pink ego box nicht auf Showbiz ! Nun zur Showbiz - LP: zuerst auf Vinyl, denn ich wartete auf den (hoffentlichen) Ohr-Orgasmus. Und Ja! Ich höre Sounds, Klavierabschnitte, die ich zuvor auf meiner alten CD nicht hören konnte. Vielleicht ist sie aber auch eine beschissene Aufnahme .. ich muss die Zwei Lied für Lied vergleichen, auch die alte und Neue CD der Box.
  9. Instrumental demos for OOS - hm .. interesting ... I love it! was this out there before? It seems nobody talks about them 🤔 CE instrumental i always loved the music itself, and Matts singing, sure .. but the melody on it‘s own is so 😭😭😭 ok, I‘m not ok now .. can it get even better now? Uh? Somebody caughing during Megalomania 😂 ok Getting weirder ... what did Matt say at the start of Screenager? „oats“ ?? some caughing during Shrinking universe as well, not sure .. and talking Matt (?) at the beginning of Shine ... sth about wind ... ? Wtf .. lovely!!!
  10. Ebenfalls gutes neues Jahr! Ich hab die Box schon 😁😎 Mir gefällt sie sehr gut! Gutes Interview, schöne Fotos, schön aufgemacht. Hab noch nicht alles gehorcht, hab alles von Showbiz durch, jetzt kommt die OOS-Ära dran 😍 die mag ich eh lieber! genauere Beschreibungen von mir findest du im Origin of Muse - Thread 😎
  11. Yeah, they had quite dark faces, shadows .. at least at the beginning. A bit too over-produced for me. There was some shaking going on, maybe to add to the theatrical aspect? At times it looked like a broken videotape-recording .. Need to watch it again. Who has watched it?
  12. Finally got round to watching it 😅 (I haven‘t seen it at the cinema) Firstly, why did they cut Map (pretty sure it was played at those gigs?) and Munich Jam as well? And the second piano slot ( we got Feeling good in Vienna) ?? Then, I had to get used to the style of filming, still no fan of it! The later edited Drones looked a bit .. well .. weird, knowing how they looked like at the actual gig 🤔 I think the athmosphere wasn‘t captured that well, I wanted to see more of the stage from above, more audience action, more focusing on Matt or Chris or Dom for longer than a few seconds .. and more of the audience! They got pretty much silenced most of the time! But I enjoyed Globalist and Take a bow 😍
  13. I still need to listen to the albums on CD from the box, first I do the other CDs and vinyls which I am continuing tomorrow 😁 I can’t say if I’m happy with the Showbiz-live-CD or not as I’ve never listened to many live audio-recordings, I prefer it with the videos to it.
  14. Looks like there will be a longer break from liveshows for Muse! I read some weeks (or month) ago that Matts guitar tech is looking for a job, now Morgan does too. I am still optimistic and think it will be good for them to rest.
  15. Who watched it already? Still need to ... link:
  16. What was your expectation on the remasters? I think the original release of Showbiz was very compressed sounding, it had a muddy sound! Now it is clearer, more exciting for me. Still enough bass for me, in the right places. I already had OOS on heavyweight vinyl before, and I enjoyed it more than the CD. Still need to compare the box-edition to it.
  17. Second song in on „Showbiz-live-CD“ 👍 very good quality, and falsettos
  18. Thanks, I can watch it here in Austria! It‘s strange you can watch it before it got screened on TV ! Anyway, I‘ll record in tonight and gonna watch it on my tv and sound system (instead on my Ipad 😜)
  19. Ah! I know Futurism, Fury and Glorious. Maybe because not many discussed Spiral static? When all the songs were still available on muse.mu I listened to all of them, can‘t remember this one! I made myself a Spotify playlist with Muse- B-sides, and I just realised, yes, I forgot to add Spiral static
  20. Ok, listening to the second Showbiz-Vinyl now: Spiral static, either it’s not on my CD (not the one from the box) or I somehow never heard it before? It’ beautiful! There are kinda very high bells during the second verse of UNO? Never noticed before.. Sober grows on me, but I prefer the rougher earlier versions, sounds so polished here! I do love the (now clear) voices of Matt and Chris singing together 😍 The last song, always special 😎 I‘m happy with it, on my old CD it sounded all so ... compressed. Like putit all into one big pot and blast it out ... 😅🤨 ok, Showbiz - B Sides 😍 Recess omg 👍🎉 Should I stop? If not, to be continued tomorrow.
  21. Yes! Vuilstamen! Oh, Earthquake? Ok, only listened to it once so far, and wrote here after the CD ended. .. Hm, somehow my player didn‘t play the secret track, need to try again tomorrow. I love Nature_1 and was surprised when I heard it, never knew it was such an old song 😅
  22. Ok, just finished the Newton Abbot demos .. I‘ve never listend to the whole thing on youtube, so it was „new“ to me. I totally agree with Matt, his voice got drowned so much! Anygot got any lyrics... tons of bass, and the riff at nearly the end of Good News, they still play it live right? What‘s it called (as a riff) , the kinda oriental melody . Seriously, if I would have been aware of Muse during that time, I would have been a fan! The first couple of songs, exactly what I was listening to at that time. I would love to hear some songs live today! Wow! Their potential at that age was .. 👍😎 now on to the next disc, and .. here it all sounds clear, my ears are thanking me now . interesting versions of known songs, sometimes you sing along but oh wait .. there‘s an extra instrumental part in between 😅 or the song suddenly ends! Plug in baby is such a different song! Why is Pink ego box not on Showbiz! On to Showbiz, on vinyl first as I was waiting for this (hopefully) eargasm. And yes, I can hear sounds, piano-bits I couldn‘t hear on my old CD, maybe my CD is a crap recording .. I need to compare it song for song sometime, as well as comparing the old CD to the „new“ one of the box.
  23. Finally my box arrived, off to read it . .. listen later. 😬🎉
  24. I read in the comments that he recorded it for this video, but idk.
  25. I like it! This „.. burrrrrns ...“ yeah, it‘s good! The guitar at the end is hypnotizing. thank you !!!
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