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  1. Yes, cause they β€žforgotβ€œ about it last time round! Would make sense, for us, but ..
  2. Yeah, I saw some speculation about that occasion. I think he said they gonna do a show, not maybe! I saw a mention on Twitter about March πŸ€”πŸ˜…
  3. New interview! https://alt987fm.iheart.com/content/2020-01-19-matt-bellamy-says-hes-definitely-having-a-baby/ Ok ... err ... Global Citizen gig and MAYBE something at Royal Albert Hall but apart from that, a year off and some other personal things going on ...
  4. No, I donβ€˜t think this clip will be in the movie. It just reminded me of the tour and then I thought about the movie. Matt said it will be in the cinema, and maybe on-demand-DVD/Bluray. But we all know Matt .. πŸ˜… couldnβ€˜t find his post about the on-demand DVD .. he answered somebody in the comments in a post ..
  5. looking forward to this interview!
  6. He was at the NAMM-show in Anaheim, California, 2 days ago presenting them 😁 πŸ˜…
  7. I just browsed through Matts old Instagram-posts and found one from Paris last year, amazing! When will they show this film in the cinemas? Summer? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzx9RoDDbDF/?igshid=o7dbz0j7jskg
  8. Itβ€˜s a strange situation for me as this album brought me back to Muse, hearing Supremacy on the radio, watching Live at Rome on TV .. I loved it when I purchased it! But then Drones was released. Imo so much better. Now my ranks are now: Drones ST T2l 😐
  9. True. But there are no 100+ ppl here anymore ..
  10. Ok ... I thought T2l would win ...
  11. Hyper Chondriac Music Nature 1 Bedroom acoustics Map of your head Shine
  12. Multiple choices possible, write down your Top 5 πŸ€ͺ
  13. The whole vocals are different! Ok, I only listened to the scream near the end.. I bought my CD in 2016 ..
  14. Multiple votes possible above, write your Top 5 below 😎
  15. The remastered Showbiz album on CD : yes, they are now listenable. But it showed me that I prefer vinyl to CD, because of Spiral Static. I drooled over it in an earlier post, heard it on vinyl first. Now, on CD πŸ€” like it lost its warmth, the WOW-moments! Gonna stick to the Showbiz-vinyl 😁 The ending to Falling down πŸ€” it is the same as on the earlier CD, but you can hear it better, clearer! For me itβ€˜s no different version .. am I the only one 😳🀯
  16. ich hab es auch erst gestern entdeckt! Ja genau, wo er ganz kurz Boogie spielt .. ich kannte das auch nur in kurz..
  17. Also ich hab noch Showbiz und OOS auf CD zum horchen, dann bin ich durch πŸ˜… ja, das Konzert kenn ich πŸ‘ aber das Video kannte ich nicht is ja sΓΌss πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ danke! Kennst du das. Passt so herrlich zur Box, hΓ€tten sie noch auf DVD oder Bluray dazupacken kΓΆnnen 😎
  18. I always find stuff on youtube I have never seen before, like this one! Suits perfectly to the boxset! do you all know it? Itβ€˜s funny, interesting, and here I have some troubles understanding everything Matt says πŸ˜… MTV should do such a weekend again 😍 good olβ€˜ MTV πŸ™‚
  19. I completely forgot about the Global Citizen gig! Yay! When is it, spring or summer? 😁
  20. Good news for fans in Austria and Germany! The boxset is available again, you can order it at www.thalia.at or at www.thalia.de. Welcome.
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