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  1. there is some stuff on Origin Of Muse, I'm really looking forward to hearing. but much of it is already out there. but there is so much missing, from their early Years, that they are holding on to. Box Set should be titled 'Some Of Origin Of Muse, But So Much Withheld'.'. You really should find out, how many Songs they had available, at the time of recording Showbiz. or are You telling Me, they never recorded Demo's of them?. and many different variations, both Musically and Lyrically, before deciding the final cuts for both Showbiz and Origin Of Symmetry, and all the B-Sides. Plug In Baby is the perect example.
  2. can't help My Nickname. all I'm saying, is the Band have left many Demo's from Showbiz & Origin Of Symmetry Era out of this Box Set. how many times were the songs from both albums, and the B-sides, rehearsed & recorded before the final cuts?. I would love to hear, say the early recorded Demo's of Bliss, and the changes from one recording too the next, and on Bliss progressed, until the final finished edit. I want to hear thr real Origins of the songs from that Era. I look forward to hearing tracks I have not heard before. but they could have given us so much more. Sharky.
  3. never mentioned MOney!. just saying, many Demo's are missing from the Box Set see Pohto below. Sharky.
  4. most of the Demo's, on Origin Of Muse are already out there. only Five more tracks from the Newton Abbot Demo Era, are now available in the Box Set, that are not already available. I'm sure there is a Sticker on the back of an early Promo CD, telling us they had many more tracks to choose from, before recording Showbiz. and an Interview I have listened too, telling us they had recorded many Instrumental Demo tracks , from pre Showbiz Era. and no early early tracks from 1994/1995/1996. and they must have early Demo Recordings of Plug In Baby & Bliss, and others from Origin Of Symmetry. as they played them live in 2000, before Origin Of Symmetry was recorded. the early live versions of Plug In Baby & Bliss are much different, from the finished versions on Origin Of Symmetry, it would have been great to hear early Demo Studio Recordings of these songs. there are also some Demo tracks, fron an official Maverick Records, Origin Of Symmetry, New Tracks Promo CD, that are not included. how hard would it have been to have include them?. as for the live stuff, no Video content. and there are so many complete Gigs from 1999 & 2000 to choose from, and all We get are bits and pieces of Audio. great Band, but very poor effort in My opinion. Sharky.
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