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  1. I haven’t posted on here for a long time as I’ve become disenchanted with the band’s direction. I have continued to buy their albums but Simulation Theory will not make it into my collection, I’m afraid. In my opinion, they peaked with Black Holes & Revelations. Sorry Muse - I never expected pop music from you.
  2. Just had my first listen of the whole album - really disappointed😕- loved Psycho when I first heard it and also like Reapers but apart from a couple of other tracks I don't think it's half as inventive as other Muse albums. After 2nd Law I hoped for more of the heavy style and less of the pop sound but that hasn't happened for me- can't even listen to Mercy!😳I was playing Hysteria the other day- what a track! For me personally, Muse peaked with Black Holes & Revelations- sorry guys!
  3. Just heard Mercy - really disappointed and also with Dead Inside. Was hoping that the new album would be more like Psycho - fingers still crossed but I am concerned...all sounds a bit too much like pop for my liking
  4. manxmuser

    Psycho UK Tour

    Hope you're right!!
  5. manxmuser

    Psycho UK Tour

    Too short notice for those who live in the Isle of Man to sort out travel, accommodation, etc!! I assume there will be the usual gigs at bigger venues? Anyone know? Will be really disappointed if not!
  6. My first choice would be Black Holes and Revelations, followed by Absolution and The Resistance. The HAARP (Wembley Stadium) and live in Rome DVD's are also a must to buy!
  7. Just seen in an online newsletter that the next album will be heavier - yay!!!! Bring it on - very disillusioned after The 2nd Law, and hope the next one will bring the band back into my top 5!
  8. I haven't been on the forum for a while, as I became so disillusioned by The 2nd Law, apart from one or two tracks. However, I bought the live Rome DVD and love it, so maybe I was just going through a phase. I would love to see Muse go back to doing 'heavier', prog rock music - more like eg Hysteria, Natural Selection, MK Ultra, Knights of Cydonia, Take a Bow, etc etc. Please let's get away from the more pop focused, commercial stuff on the last album!
  9. Take out Madness, Panic Station, Big Freeze, Explorers, Follow Me... I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Is anyone else questioning their liking for Muse's music since The 2nd Law was released? I went to the Manchester gig which was awesome, but I'm wondering now whether I like the direction they're moving in ...there are actually other bands now who have knocked them off my No 1 spot
  10. No contest - SMBH definitely better, unless you like shades of Scissor Sisters!
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