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  1. Oh for fuck's sake, what's with the fucking Plug in Baby brigade? At least they got what they deserved... (actually they kinda didn't given that they got all those great songs as well, what am I saying. But that PiB version has to be the worst they've done since iTunes 2012)
  2. Aha, pro audio and technically not proshot, yep (duly amended). Although the multicams ain't half bad, they do a good enough job on their own imho
  3. Worth acknowledging by the way that over the past 3 years we've got pro-shots of Micro Cuts, Assassin, Space Dementia, Apocalypse Please, Take a Bow, Citizen Erased, The Groove, Muscle Museum, Uno, Eternally Missed, Showbiz and audio of fucking Glorious
  4. So we've established that SS should close all gigs from now on, even if that means it doesn't actually close them
  5. Unfortunately all this gig is doing now for me is highlighting just how massive the gap in quality is between the new material and the old
  6. Knights should open gigs, it's a cracking start. Speaking of Knights opening gigs, here's Close Encounters... EDIT: followed by bleeurrghghh
  7. Oh Showbiz is a good tune is it Matt? Play it every gig then ya fuckn melt
  8. I realised my mistake about 10 seconds after I posted it, I'm so fucking sorry
  9. Chris's vocals are mixed way too high. Feel like that's definitely become more common in the past 5-6 years or so, there were some gigs in 2012 where he was louder than Matt (and not in Liquid State or Save Me). Also wtf Matt's dropping words all over the place, he seems gassed already?
  10. This really makes me hope the final song is SS even more now
  11. I like the deep vocals for SD, they fit the ridiculously overblown operatic vibe of it imho. Fantastic gig so far, seeing that setlist spoiler has taken some of the excitement away but meh.
  12. Alright then, what's this Augmented Flex thing that has popped up again
  13. Ok, so I didn't listen to it at all today until the official audio came out, and whilst I think it's slightly better than I remember it, I have a new complaint... What the hell happened to the bass during the verses? I dismissed it earlier as potentially shoddy audio quality in the leak, but even in the real thing it's like they turned Chris' volume knob down and turned off all of his pedals. It means Matt's vocals are soooooo isolated and sparse, and it doesn't work at all imho
  14. I kinda wish Matt would do more with vocal manipulation as well, it could bump up the menacing atmosphere in the song that he's presumably going for. As it is it sounds wayyyy too clean and dull. Take this for example from 2:26 onwards, it sounds like a fucking maelstrom (and is a far heavier and better song than TC): [YT]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj41Gz-B4OA#t=2m26s[/YT]
  15. Fuck me sideways, I still can't get over how Matt was stupid enough to think it would be a good idea to write "brace for the final solution", and how no-one then stopped him before this was all wrapped up. People could make a real shitstorm about this if they want to, it comes across as crass and really ignorant
  16. Nailed it - say what you like about (the mediocre) Dig Down but at least it didn't sound like someone making one of those "How to make a Muse song" videos as well as being inherently crap
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