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  1. Just uploading for everyone's enjoyment audio of the best performance of Supremacy by a long way - the very first one. Matt sings the damn thing properly and he's never, ever pulled off the chorus vocal the way he does here ever again - I can't quite put a finger on what's so great about it, because he doesn't hold the notes for that long, but it has a quite unhinged vibe which I love. >>>> https://instaud.io/2PVC <<<< (2nd best would probs be one of the stadium tour ones with the extended intro, I dunno)
  2. I'm looking forward to pressing play on the album for the first time and hearing a brand new song (which from descriptions sounds like it might actually be quite good) for the first time. Ever since BH&R we've heard the opening track (/couple of tracks) before the album's been released, so the first time you listen to the whole thing there's a bit of a sense of "ok great, can these songs be over so i can listen to the new ones please". Pissed me off a bit when Radiohead did that with AMSP in 2016 (especially as the transition from Burn the Witch to Daydreaming is pretty poor) Loving the idea of a massively over-the-top closer with sci-fi vibes as well, yes fucking please.
  3. oh for fuck's sake, that propapropapropapropaganda thing is horrible i originally thought it was a beefy synth bass or palm-muted guitar, why couldn't it have just been one of those
  4. Loved the gospel version of DD. Feel like it and the impeding acoustic version of SH (that will hopefully get rid of the Imagine Dragons drums and that synth thing that starts the song), has raised the possibility of eventually constructing an at worst palatable - and probably full-on enjoyable - alternative version of this album Also I did an edit of Thought Contagion that cuts out the third verse and moves the pointless solo forwards so that horrible solo --> final chorus transition is removed. Also removed a chorus so the whole thing sounds less repetitive (I think). Link for anyone who's interested: https://instaud.io/2LcF
  5. I don't like the backing vocals in the chorus, or really anything about the vocals in the chorus at all. But the verses have a great groove and the mindless headbang-y section is lots of fun. Overall good stuff. Having said that, I'm actually less, not more, optimistic about the album now if this is one of the heavier, more aggressive songs, and it's still quite dance-y and tongue-in-cheek. I know this is pure conjecture but I don't have a good feeling about Propaganda based on the fact Timbaland is involved, and stuff like Break it to Me and Get Up and Fight have such bad titles that I can't imagine the songs themselves aren't going to be cheesy as hell. Also, St Vincent's and Radiohead's most recent stuff has been wayyy more interesting and well-executed than anything off Simulation Theory so far, but they'll come off positively in comparison to most stuff anyway imo. Doesn't mean Pressure and The Dark Side aren't enjoyable EDIT: misspelled Timbaland :/
  6. Apart from the intro vocals (MATT STOP SINGING OVER THE START OF SONGS PLS), this is actually... quite good? Also really goes to show the benefits of not having a chorus which is the song title repeated over and over again EDIT: also, this is the most CHVRCHES thing they've ever done
  7. On that note, actually, can anyone see them selling out Wembley for 2 nights anymore? I reckon it would be a struggle, and if this album is properly shit, the situation is only going to get worse. Can't keep relying on TIRO, Starlight and KOC forever
  8. I really hope Muse isn't consciously trying to become bigger and more mainstream, and instead is just making this stuff for the enjoyment of it. If they are deliberately trying to go chart-friendly, it's sad because they evidently lack the self-awareness (or awareness of anything really) to realise that they're never going to succeed, because the songs are too weak and unoriginal, and because it sort of feels uncomfortable to hear this music coming from the same guys who did Hysteria and SS. It turns off their old fans and doesn't bring in that many new ones, because there are a million other artists out there who do this stuff better than they do. I'm still less bothered by this track than TC though, because TC really demonstrated how ghastly their vision of their own younger selves is (Fury 2.0, fucking hell), and how if we asked for another album of "heavy Muse", we'd get this hollow caricature of their Abso days, repetitive and devoid of freshness
  9. I don't hate it anything like as much as I hate DD and TC. But it sounds like it belongs on A Head Full of Dreams (which is about as far from a compliment as possible)
  10. Why does it look like an 8 year old put some Microsoft Word artistic effects filter over the whole thing
  11. Yay Drones songs, just what this thread, er, needs... This is the best live version of The Handler apart from Download (where he got the lyrics wrong), right? (Still not a patch on the studio version) [YT] [/YT] Also this should have gone on the Psycho DVD, not the Exeter version (even though I was at Exeter) for that outro: [YT] [/YT]
  12. Am a bit worried that it's going to be a thing from now on that every time a new single comes out, it becomes the set opener. Classic to go 'yeah, Fury would have worked dreadfully as an opening song, so it never opened gigs, but sure let's have "Fury 2.0" as an opener now that it's been released". Same kinda thing with Dig Down (Madness never opened gigs for a reason...) Do the guys actually remember anything that ever happened from before 2009 or is it all just a big blur to them?
  13. I'd argue the decision not to mix up the 'heavier' and 'lighter' songs on Drones is to the album's own detriment, and that Abso doesn't suffer from a pacing issue half as much. I know The Globalist has a bit of a heavy section, and that the feel of the songs is fit to correspond to the half-baked 'narrative' Matt came up with, but compared with the first half of the album, the second feels like a real soggy slog, as you wade through Revolt's verses (momentum starting to drop) and Aftermath (momentum completely gone) and about 3/4 of TG, before Drones sends you to sleep. It's made worse by the issue that Muse are now pretty shite at writing anything that has a remotely positive theme/isn't in Drop D tuning, so not only is the difference in mood and pace starkly drawn out between half 1 and half 2, the quality of the songs falls off a cliff too. OOS did it best obvs, the album feels nicely paced (although I do think 2nd half is less good than 1st)
  14. I know I think I spent too much time looking at online comments away from this board after those songs came out, even though I know that's a stupid thing to do... It's entirely selfishly motivated I think it's because my gut reaction is the (almost certainly mistaken) belief that Muse get validation for the kind of shit they're putting out atm because of those people saying 'this is great!'. And if they went away, and the only people left were people going "no this is shit, you used to be able to write better stuff than this, this is so simplistic and shallow", then Muse would be forced to have a long hard think about their music, and then it would improve. (And then I'd be happier with the band, etc.) (Whereas the reality is that they would never have that kind of introspection, and even if they did try to cater to 'old fans' in a new album, it would end up like Drones again)
  15. Pitchfork is increasingly irrelevant, and I'm very glad of that. How they rose to a position of prestige amongst music review publications is beyond me. I'm a bit annoyed at the fact that I listened to Absolution on good speakers last night and all it did (aside from confirming that I'm as in love with that album as ever) was make me grumpy about how there is a sizeable portion of Muse's fanbase that is now prepared to place post-2006 stuff on a par with it, and depressed about how these same guys ended up making T2L and DD/TC. Every time I listen to one of the Big 3 it makes me hate what came after them even more (except Exogenesis and a few songs off Drones). Does anyone else get that? It's like watching Sherlock season 2, I can't ignore the knowledge in the back of my mind that the same people who wrote it also wrote season 4 and that it all ends up getting so appallingly shit (substitute with any other TV show or musical career that went extremely downhill)
  16. imagine if they'd promoted everything pre-2009 the same way they're ramming these new tracks down our throats
  17. How the fuck is Big Freeze doing so well
  18. Also, I still can't get past the Final Solution line, and finally, why is the solo just the main melody? Not asking for a Reapers-style thing that veers off in all directions but seriously couldn't he have played some other notes
  19. The live video is better than the studio version. The riff is catchy. The vocals are still shit though, as are the verses in general. If you put post-2006 Matt's lyrics up front and leave nothing else to listen to while he's singing, you're asking for trouble. Paris was a fantastic gig. Even now Matt's voice is still very compelling when he sings the oldies. But this style and lyrical content, nah. (I'm also saying this as someone so capable of forcing himself to like music that he managed to convince himself he liked Aftermath for a week or so after Drones came out...at least it's better than that song though)
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