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  1. Sorry I think I put the comma in the wrong place - I meant "in terms of chart performance, in Europe a Muse biggest hits setlist should contain..." - i.e. that Europe setlists should contain those songs. Agree that UD should be played in America based on chart performance (though it's not great live) I wasn't really paying much attention throughout the US tour but would be interested to know - what songs were US crowds reacting to? I think I read somewhere that Resistance got a huge reception in a few gigs, which surprised me from the UK ones I went to
  2. Yeah - pretty sure that in terms of chart performance in Europe, a Muse biggest hits setlist should really always include New Born, Bliss, Dead Star and Butterflies and Hurricanes (as well as possibly Muscle Museum and Sunburn), and UD should be out of the picture. Maybe they choose it based on Youtube video views or something colossally stupid like that.
  3. As tiny snippets go, it's way less worrying than those first two seconds of DEAD INSIDE which we got before that came out in full (and it turned out to be a good song). I wouldn't be surprised if the new song is a cheesefest though.
  4. It's when Matt sings like he's the narrator of a musical at a theatre - for example, the opening verse of Supremacy, all of Survival, and the beginning of Follow Me
  5. https://twitter.com/Nowherethomas?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor #PrettyDarnSoon. Which could mean months. Or tomorrow. As usual, who knows.
  6. He'd hit all the notes, it's just it would sound far more nasal. His voice sounds far nicer on record now than it did in the early '00s (although his Shrinking Universe-style falsettos were cool), so long as he isn't doing his hero vocals. And yeah, OOS Muse would never have written anything as slushy as Aftermath
  7. Maybe we should try to encourage him to design his own piano too to increase the chance of a proper piano slot? Although knowing them it will just be Feeling Good with the occasional AP or Eurasia
  8. I found an old quote of mine where I had a little rant about how shit it was and felt a bit bemused by the extent of my past self's vitriol On reflection though, I do think the production must be a big part of it, because the opening riff really doesn't do it for me, and it's not just because the melody isn't that memorable - there's something annoying about it that isn't there in the live version. I still think it sounds a bit Europop too. There's something wrong in the verses too - maybe it's the vocal phrasing or something, but it all seems kinda cluttered & doesn't pack a punch. I've always disliked the lyrics too even though they're not much worse than the standard Muse conspiracy fare. Also, unlike other guitar chuggers, there's not really a big chorus - instrumentally or vocally - in the same way as there is on New Born or SS. And as for the outro... still can't comprehend how the bird noises made it onto the album without anyone vetoing them.
  9. Yeah, this was beyond a joke. Just a load of crap. What's worse is that half of those indulgent wanky intros like Voodoo Child and IS were played at Glasto, where they didn't even have the excuse of big screens and drones to accommodate (The Handler's visuals were a complete fail on the festival stage)
  10. I'm thinking one acoustic ballad with kinda Unintended vibes, one synth-pop/rock thing and one 'heavy' glam-ish track like Uprising or Psycho. Pretty pleased though, was genuinely not expecting anything at all even with all the hints
  11. Another problem with this album (and Muse generally post Absolution) is that they seem to have lost the ability to make genuinely dark and chilling songs. And this time they seemed to suggest those songs were back. Fairly sure it came up in the interviews all the time before Drones was released about how it was going to be about abandonment, despair and rage against the system, before the eventual defection, etc. blah blah blah. Then we got all the track names - "Dead Inside", "Psycho", "Mercy", "The Handler", "Revolt" - and they backed that up. And then the songs come out and there's no depth to them whatsoever. Dead Inside is almost poppy, with kinda corny lyrics in places (as discussed). Psycho's chorus is "your ass belongs to me now". The less said about Mercy the better (but "tell me why the men in cloaks always have to bring me down!!" - those darn men in cloaks, eh?). Reapers ("babe") and The Handler are sort of saved by their heaviness, and the post-chorus vocal thing in The Hander is the closest Muse come to sounding a little unsettling (not sure that's the right word, but anyway) on the album. But then Defector is just Queenish and Revolt sounds like something out of a cheesy musical, and both have utterly vapid lyrics. Drones ends up being equivalent - musically and lyrically - of what I imagine a Michael Bay movie about warfare would be. All big bangs and no subtlety and no emotional heft whatsoever. But they used to be able to do this stuff properly! The erosive atmosphere of Hyper Chondriac Music, the taut claustrophobia of Dead Star (or Hysteria), the eeriness of Ruled by Secrecy, etc. It's a shame that it's been gone for a long time. TL;DR, what happened to creepy Muse
  12. I still can't hear it as anything other than "the grainiest guy". I dunno, I think the best bits of Drones are better than anything else post-BH&R, but the lows are really down there with the worst stuff they've done, and there's a lot of fluff. I remember that bit before the second half of the album had leaked when The Globalist and Revolt had these promising preview descriptions and we'd got the snippet of the great Defector solo as well. So full of hope
  13. Some bands really do push it out there - I remember that I had a Rolling Stones CD once where I found out the suspiciously excellent vocal from 50-something-year-old Mick Jagger on Street Fighting Man was actually a product of a trip to the studio months before the live album's release, long after the gig. It wouldn't be anything like that with Matt, more likely a botched Defector solo that needed replacing or something (and even then, you're right, they'd probably use the studio version). That post was just my attempt to think of the worst-case scenario for the recent studio work (aside from it just coming to nothing at all). I do think it's most likely to be a single.
  14. Nah I reckon all that will mean is that Matt makes a little lame speech before Uprising about toppling corrupt fat cat politicians
  15. Knew another bout of CoD-bashing would produce some responses Here we go then. CoD's not a bad song, but it seems to be treated as if it's close to top-tier on here a lot of the time, and I don't get it at all. The bit before the second verse is great (especially the guitar crunches) but the chord progression isn't that interesting, and it's repeated so much - even through the solo. I know this is true of MoTP too (for example), but Map's guitar parts and harmonies are far more interesting than CoD's. The lyrics also aren't that great considering how forthrightly they are delivered, especially in the chorus. It's not catchy, it's not compelling - someone once suggested "just-i-fy my reea-sons" was one of the big dramatic moments within Muse's works, but those lyrics are hardly gripping, are they? - and it's so immediately overblown. Chucking all the drama with the strings and big vocals into the first chorus means there's no real sense of climax at the end, and you know exactly what's coming when it arrives. I think it had the potential to be a much better piece than it is (like Exo, Assassin etc.). They could have done more with the trumpet, instead of have it noodle over the same melody we've already heard 3 times. They could have added a bridge with a different melody, and pared down the first chorus, I dunno. As it stands it's not more than a 7 or 8 out of 10 though.
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