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  1. Can't wait to play the Sydney '07, RAH '08 and Montreux '16 versions consecutively in order on loop for 1 hour to see in Christmas day!!!1 (in fairness, this is better than last year's, and at least it's not one of the big singles) EDIT: forgot about the '08 Gran Rex version too - happy days!
  2. IMHO the live version from Reading is really really great, but the studio version lacks beef and that first solo doesn't need to be there
  3. True that it hasn't been going for a while actually - there was an interview in 2010 in which Dom complains about Thom treating him like shit when they met, but it's all been quiet since then. The early 00's were pretty spiky - Thom made a several cutting comments here and there
  4. New Born Bliss Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug in Baby Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Screenager Futurism Megalomania Darkshines and FG can fack off to the land of B-sides
  5. I've never understood the hate for Soldier's Poem. I just don't think it fits in the same cheese category as the other two mentioned there, and the harmonies are lovely, even if a complete Beach Boys/Bohemian Rhapsody ripoff. It's one of Matt's nicer vocals as well. I love the fact that Big Freeze doesn't really get mentioned that much when we're ripping Muse songs to shreds ("Fight (FIGHT!) Or will you show me mercy (ME-URRRR-SEE)!!" etc.) - my personal theory is that it's so bad that a lot of us have subconsciously tried to forget it even exists...
  6. I don't know your music tastes, but if you are a Radiohead fan, this is a bizarre thing to post. I suspect you aren't - and based on this picture, I actually wouldn't want you to ever be one anyway. I hope you really do believe their music simply involves "being depressed on top of random electronic shit", and that you continue enjoying Uprising, that glorious political anthem.
  7. I'm still loyal to you, RBS from Glasgow. I've not abandoned you, even after the various performances of Assassin, Fury, Butterflies and Hurricanes and Dead Star. Also calling it now that it's going to be Starlight from the new DVD.
  8. Getting my Reading setlist prediction in early (might revise depending on how the earlier 2017 gigs go). It will be something like this: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2016/la-tour-eiffel-paris-france-23fface7.html
  9. has the two proshot sections from the TV broadcast (which were broken up by Dom talking). To patch them into one continuous song, your best bet is to use this really good fan audio to fill in the gaps
  10. look i'm usually all for "oh it's just an opinion, music is subjective" but no, this is just wrong
  11. Hardly a controversial opinion here: it's been almost a year and a half, and I still really, really hate Aftermath. Loathing, disgust, contempt, you name it. Stupid lyrics, boring solo, terrible vocal performance, rotten cheesy outro, all topped off with a rubbish music video for 9-year-old children. Horrible.
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