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  1. The thing about ticket sales is that it doesn't HAVE to be that way. They are charging WAY too much. I have been watching the Detroit show on the TM map, and they are just NOT selling. I figured eventually they'd drop those $100 lower level tickets that clearly nobody wants, but they so far haven't. This will be a show where they curtain off the entire upper bowl, and move everybody to the lower bowl. My guess is that if they are doing a 2nd leg in North America, it won't be announced until after the current NA tour is complete.
  2. Does anybody think this is going to happen? There are many cities that didn't make the cut on this first leg. My whole dilemma is that I don't know if I should pull the trigger and buy Detroit tickets or wait for an Ohio show? While I doubt they'll play all 3 Ohio cities again, I can certainly see doing 1 in Columbus (middle of the state). Problem is the Detroit show is a 4 hour drive, and I have kids in school. I'd have to leave work early to get to Detroit in time for the show, and then drive back so I can sleep for a couple hours, get the kids on the bus and then go into work. I could take the next day off work, but taking off workin for frivolous things like concerts is strongly frowned upon. I don't want to miss this tour. Just wondered if there has been any chatter of another leg. Here's a list of shows that could make up a 2nd leg. LA (2nd show) Denver Portland Seattle Vancouver Edmonton Winnipeg Minneapolis Kansas City or St. Louis (probably not both) Oklahoma Nashville Florida (Tampa or Orlando) Carolina (Raleigh or Charlotte) Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus or Cincy... not all 3) Indianapolis Milwaukee Pittsburgh Upstate NY (Albany or Buffalo) Uncasville, CT (popular stop for arenas, smallish arena) NYC (2nd show, Newark or Brooklyn) Ottawa? Obviously not all of these would be a contender, but there's enough there to make a decent sized 2nd NA leg. They clearly don't seem to mind playing to half full arenas with the upper bowl closed off, so a lot of these would fall in there.
  3. Just looked at MSG map, and they are seriously charging $100 for upper level tickets!! And there are a bunch left. Do they think they're U2 or the Rolling Stones? They deserve to play to empty seats if they think that's gonna fly.
  4. My thought is that if Detroit, Phoenix, Atlanta, etc are worthy of shows, then why not Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, etc. Clearly they aren't opposed to playing half full arenas. I wish they'd do one show in Columbus, and they could draw in the fans from Cleveland and Cincinnati and all over the state of Ohio. That's just selfish thinking for me, because I live near Columbus. We have a 5,000 capacity amphitheater that Muse could fill up no problem.
  5. Do any of you think there will be more North American dates later in the summer or in the fall? There are several holes in the tour map where I think they could play. LA (possibly 2 shows) Denver Portland Seattle Vancouver Edmonton Winnipeg Minneapolis Nashville Ohio (preferably Columbus, since I live there) Indianapolis? Pittsburgh? Buffalo? Raleigh? Tampa? A few in Mexico Just wondering if you think I should nab a Detroit ticket, or hold out for an Ohio show? Traveling 4 hours to Detroit on a weeknight for a concert is tricky, due to work, kids in school, none of my friends or my wife would be willing to make the trip to Detroit on a weeknight, etc. But I will do it if I have to.
  6. The band makes $0 off an unsold seat. I meant charge $30 for upper levels, so that people might actually buy them. I don't understand the logic behind charging those high prices for the upper level when they KNOW they won't sell them. I guess they don't really care about filling the venues. It pisses me off because they don't come to Ohio anymore, because they can't fill an arena there at those prices.
  7. That's the problem that a lot of these bands have when they are bigger in Europe and elsewhere than they are in the US. They get it in their head that they are worth a certain price, and ticket prices have to reflect that price. The fact of the matter is that Muse are NOT a big band in the US. They had some success on alternative formats, and rode a wave of popularity for awhile due to their involvement in the Twilight Movies. But their last "hit" in the US was "Madness". That's not so much Muse's fault, as I think "Pressure" would've been a hit 5 years ago. Rock music is just not popular now. Muse are definitely one of the most popular rock bands from the 00's. Â Muse need to be charging MUCH less for these tickets. Wouldn't it be better to charge $30 and fill the arena up?
  8. TM UK keeps telling me that London and Manchester both have nothing available. Am I missing something? I imagine after Bristol sells out they might add shows in London or Manchester. Maybe?
  9. Just clicked on the London show out of curiosity, and it said there were no tickets available. I'd say a 2nd show is likely to be added. Meanwhile, I'll be attended the show in Detroit, which will struggle to be half full!
  10. Muse seem to prefer to play to half full arenas than to play in venues that are smaller than the arena level. I saw them in 2013 in Columbus, and the entire upper deck was curtained off. I assume that'll happen this time too. I also think they're charging too much. Charge $20 per ticket for those upper levels and get some butts in those seats! I'd have to think that would be better than having nobody up there and hanging a curtain. I agree, I'd rather see them play a sold out smaller venue than a half full arena. They sold about 6,000 tickets in Columbus last time. We have a 5,000 capacity outdoor amphitheater that would've been perfect for Muse. They just never quite got to that level in the US. If they want to fill arenas, or something close to it, they need an opening act that can also help fill seats. Like 30 seconds to Mars.
  11. They won’t announce shows in Chicago, nyc and LA until after those radio festivals. They probably have a clause in their contracts that they can’t have tickets on sale in the same area until after those shows are over. My guess is they’ll put another leg of the NA tour between April 10th and May 26th in Europe. Theoretically, they could start this leg in nyc, then scoot across the Midwest, take in Chicago, Minneapolis, hopefully Columbus Ohio, among others. Then cut over to Denver, then up to the northwest, and finish up in LA.
  12. Seems strange to travel all that way just for 2 shows. Is it possible that they will be taking part in some festival during that time, and that they're just putting their own shows out there first? Maybe some other shows opening for a larger band? People just simply DON'T bring their entire crew and production all the way for Australia just for 2 shows. They'd probably lose money on the trip.
  13. Muse's biggest problem as a live band, IMO, is that Matt is trying to be the frontman AND the full time, only guitarist. I think what they need to do is have a full time guitarist so that Matt can be free to roam the stage and be a frontman (which he obviously wants to do anyway), and then just have Matt play the guitar solos and some of his more signature parts.
  14. I've recently rediscovered "Endlessly". I forgot it even existed until this morning! I realized that I haven't listened to the entire Absolution album in probably about 10 years! It was what got me into Muse in the first place, but as Muse have continued to build their career and body of work, I've kind of forgotten where it all started for me. Such a great album! Such a great band!
  15. I guess I shouldn't have said "Definitely". I apologize, I was stating what I believed to be a likely outcome as though it were fact. I didn't realize that they had come right out and stated that they weren't doing anymore US shows. Consider me mystified and stupefied!!! I am an Ohioan. The closest gigs to me are Detroit and Chicago. I didn't get tickets to these shows, because I assumed that they'd do at least 1 show in Ohio at some point. I guess I can still buy tickets to either show, but unfortunately my days of traveling out of state for concerts, especially during weeknights, are over. I'm 33, have a busy career, wife and 2 young kids. 10, hell even 5 years ago, I'd have probably done the Detroit show if I had no other option. I've been to Detroit for bands I cared about less than Muse. But that's all ancient history! I am just confused at their promotion for this album and tour, or lack thereof. This has been discussed a lot in this thread, and it doesn't need rehashed again. There are just many steps they could've taken to try to make this album more successful, and to sell more concert tickets.
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