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  1. The thing about ticket sales is that it doesn't HAVE to be that way. They are charging WAY too much. I have been watching the Detroit show on the TM map, and they are just NOT selling. I figured eventually they'd drop those $100 lower level tickets that clearly nobody wants, but they so far haven't. This will be a show where they curtain off the entire upper bowl, and move everybody to the lower bowl. My guess is that if they are doing a 2nd leg in North America, it won't be announced until after the current NA tour is complete.
  2. Does anybody think this is going to happen? There are many cities that didn't make the cut on this first leg. My whole dilemma is that I don't know if I should pull the trigger and buy Detroit tickets or wait for an Ohio show? While I doubt they'll play all 3 Ohio cities again, I can certainly see doing 1 in Columbus (middle of the state). Problem is the Detroit show is a 4 hour drive, and I have kids in school. I'd have to leave work early to get to Detroit in time for the show, and then drive back so I can sleep for a couple hours, get the kids on the bus and then go into work. I could take the next day off work, but taking off workin for frivolous things like concerts is strongly frowned upon. I don't want to miss this tour. Just wondered if there has been any chatter of another leg. Here's a list of shows that could make up a 2nd leg. LA (2nd show) Denver Portland Seattle Vancouver Edmonton Winnipeg Minneapolis Kansas City or St. Louis (probably not both) Oklahoma Nashville Florida (Tampa or Orlando) Carolina (Raleigh or Charlotte) Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus or Cincy... not all 3) Indianapolis Milwaukee Pittsburgh Upstate NY (Albany or Buffalo) Uncasville, CT (popular stop for arenas, smallish arena) NYC (2nd show, Newark or Brooklyn) Ottawa? Obviously not all of these would be a contender, but there's enough there to make a decent sized 2nd NA leg. They clearly don't seem to mind playing to half full arenas with the upper bowl closed off, so a lot of these would fall in there.
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