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  1. Oh, also worth noting - for anyone who's still looking for tickets, they just released some more GA ones - currently available from Evenko. Seated tickets are all sold out.
  2. The normal setup there is the queue forms in the Rio Tinto Court, which is the open area on the North/North-east side (between the Bell Centre and the old Windsor Station). The entrance itself is about half way down the building, and the line tends to form heading towards Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal. It's outside, but there is a substantial overhang from the building itself, so there is some shelter right along the wall. The line will eventually start snaking back and forth further out, but from my experience that doesn't usually happen until closer to doors open. If you're there any time earlier in the day you'll be along the wall and under the overhang. Only two times I've been there were much better weather. I was out there for Radiohead last summer, which was a gorgeous day, though it rained really briefly in the afternoon - the overhang kept us covered from that. I was there for Muse on the T2L tour and queued from ~10am. That show was only a few weeks later (mid April), but it was much nicer weather than this weekend looks to be. One issue we ran into though was that being on the shaded side of the building through mid-day and afternoon, it got pretty chilly - out in the sun it was gorgeous (the shade had the opposite effect last summer - gave shelter on a hot July day). I'm also a bit worried about how Saturday is going to go. You're absolutely right, the weather forecast does look pretty abysmal right now, and I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of spending hours and hours outside in near freezing temps and whatever mix of snow and rain ends up coming down. Again, the overhang will help provide some shelter, but not much from the cold. I am curious if anyone else here has experience with going to any winter or messy early spring shows there.
  3. All regular tickets were gone the day following the general onsale, but now they have opened up some additional sections. They have added 104/110, 204/210, 303/304/316/317 and 404/404/416/417. If you select these, they show up as "Backstage - partially obstructed view". Looking at the stage design on the map, it is clear that some of those seats are starting to push slightly around the back of the main stage. We don't know what it will look like yet (apart from the footprint), so I wonder how much of the view will be lost from those seats/blocked by the stage itself. Evidently this is going to be a very packed show!
  4. No problem I'm not familiar with Seetickets, so can't say anything about that. If you're looking for re-sale tickets, the only official resale platform for this tour is Twickets: http://muse.twickets.live/
  5. You've most likely selected tickets that are reserved exclusively for American Express cardholders. They have some sort of deal with Ticketmaster where a certain number of tickets are made available as "American Express Invites" tickets which can only be bought with an American Express card. Looking at the Manchester gig, I see there are a lot of tickets that are marked as "American Express Invites", including pitch standing tickets. You should just need to make sure you select any of the other tickets that are just marked as "Reserved seat". Hope that helps!
  6. Montreal sold very quickly - most sections were gone by later in the day of the general onsale, and by the next morning there were no seats available. Since early Saturday if you try to buy a ticket you get a message saying "There are currently no seats available. The show is not yet officially Sold Out and it is possible some seats become available again". Enhanced Experience tickets are still available. I'm not really surprised, as their shows there have done well in the past and we only have one night this time around (instead of two shows like the last two tours). Toronto and Quebec (both of which also had 2 nights on the last tour) have been a bit slower - GA is sold out except for the enhanced tickets and the lower bowls are mostly gone, but there are still lots of upper tier tickets available for both of those shows. Still wouldn't surprise me if they are sold out (or close to it) by the actual date.
  7. I just had a look out of interest, and there's still availability in GA and most of the lower sections if you're just looking for one or two tickets. I didn't go through so far as to see if where it would actually offer me in those lower sections. Once you get up to 6, 7, or 8 in your selection, a lot of the lower sections disappear (presumably shortage of that many seats together), but GA is still available. As for the possibility of a second night in Montreal like past tours, it sure looks like they're aiming to keep things to mostly single nights this go round, and they haven't left much space in their schedule. All of the dates around the Montreal show have at most one day between them (Atlanta on the 26th, Toronto on the 28th, Montreal on the 30th, and then Quebec on the 31st and Washington on April 2nd). So if you added another show in there it would be several nights in a row, and then you'd think that Toronto would probably warrant a second show too - and heck, Quebec got 2 nights on the last tour as well... The second nights have sometimes been added later, but in those cases there were typically notable gaps between shows where they could fit that in. Not looking likely with this schedule. EDIT: Looking at the Bell Centre schedule, the Harlem Globetrotters are there on the 29th (which would be the only option to do two nights back-to-back), and Ariana Grande is there on the 1st. So this is it, unless they come back for another leg at a later time.
  8. After some debating between this and the Quebec show, this one won out (the Saturday date is just that much easier for time off work and travel). Got tickets this morning (GA for 3 of us) in the pre-sale with no issues - probably the smoothest one yet. See you all there!
  9. I'm a bit confused by that too. It sounds like there's either going to be a new section on the site or a revamped version of the members section, for which we'll need a new password. Certainly doesn't appear to be anything yet, but perhaps they plan to launch that at the start of next week.
  10. "To be eligible for a pre-sale code, you must pre-order from the Official Store before Thursday 8 November at 11:59p GMT." I had pre-ordered the album, and got an email yesterday saying "Your early access code and instructions will be emailed to you on Monday 12th November before 2PM UK time, the day before early access." The pre-sale for the Quebec show will be Tuesday at 10am EST. Then .mu members pre-sale at 1pm, and general onsale on Friday. I'm trying to decide which shows to go to - I'll definitely do one of Montreal or Quebec at minimum, and possibly both (the back to back days make that a sensible option). I really enjoyed the Videotron Centre as a venue on the last tour, and Quebec is that bit closer coming from Halifax. But Montreal being on a Saturday makes it a good option for travelling and minimizing time off. Hmm... Having a week to figure this out is kind of nice, because I was fully expecting the sales to happen this week after the Monday announcement!
  11. I had the same problem. The download link I had only showed Dig Down, Something Human and Thought Contagion as options, no Dark Side. I sent a message to Warner via the contact link in the store, and just got an updated link by email a moment ago which includes the Dark Side.
  12. It was off on the left side of the stage. I just noticed it as someone started rolling it out from the side, and was like "sweet, the piano!" - then I realized they were rolling it out to pack it up in the flight case.
  13. So I had an absolute blast on Saturday. I was a bit farther over to the right (just right of Chris, but left of the speaker column), and second row from the rail. I knew going in what to expect from the set, and on paper it doesn't look like anything super amazing, but the show itself was killer. Their performance was amazing, so much energy, and the sound was pretty great (when the riff kicked in at the start of Psycho....holy hell....). Having seen them on the drones arena tour, this was definitely a big step up. More like the energy of the T2L shows, and they all looked like they were having fun. Matt in particular seemed a little goofier than many nights. Watching him wreck the amp after SS was pretty sweet. Given that the show was scheduled for 1h15, it was great to get a solid 1h30. Sure, there's filler in there, but I enjoyed it all a lot. Even new kind of kick, as much as I hate the whole playback vocal thing, actually sounded pretty good. Enjoyed when the bass really kicked up. I am a fan of that song (partly because my gf is a big fan of the Cramps so I have an appreciation for their stuff), so it was fun. Stage setup is my favourite since T2L arena tour - simple, but super effective. Balloons during Starlight were cool, and confetti during Mercy was awesome - actually made that song a lot of fun, and was much better being right in the cloud than it had been up in the seats on the Drones arena tour. Crowd seemed pretty decent, though unsurprisingly the biggest reactions were for Madness and Uprising, by a mile. I heard at least two different people before the show saying "I hope they play madness!".... So yeah, that was a lot of fun, and seemed to go over really well with everyone I talked to and overheard after. Now looking forward to Toronto, and hoping for a few different things maybe (we'll see....) Oh, one more thing: Matt's piano was actually out on stage at the start when they were setting up for Muse, but then the crew brought out the flight case and packed it up. Not really sure what was up with that. Were they originally thinking about playing something in the piano? Or was it just there for soundcheck? I got briefly excited seeing it there, but when they packed it up it did immediately kill the chance of a few more interesting songs....
  14. Awesome! I figured somebody had to be You aiming for the rail? My brother and I are planning to head over there fairly early to try to get up front.
  15. Bluesfest is now underway (as of last night), and a week and a day until Muse! Anyone else on here going to this one? There's a part of me that's hoping we might get something interesting, since it is their first time in Ottawa since 2004 (and they famously played Glorious at that one...), they often seem to play slightly better sets on this side of the border, and they've just had a few weeks off. But we'll see! I'm being careful to keep my expectations low, low, low, and just enjoy the show no matter what sort of set we get. I'm mostly just excited to finally get to see them in a festival context as opposed to their standard arena tour shows.
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