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  1. Is Analphabetapolothology the album to start with for Cap'n Jazz? Been meaning to listen to them for a while. Found a decent emo math-rock band the other day, Colour (they might be somewhat popular in math-rock, I'm not sure). Their album Anthology is great.
  2. I think musically, Guiding Light is a decent song. It makes really good use of instrumentation to heighten the excitement of the song. Lyrically its garbage. Comparisons aren't that worrying to me. Big Freeze is a whole different story though...
  3. The Handler - 9/10 Reapers - 8.5/10 Mercy - 8/10 Psycho - 7/10 Dead Inside - 6.5/10 I won't start handing out 10s until we get the full album
  4. I love that vocal meandering at 2:15, sounds like something out of an Italian opera
  5. What do you guys think about the processed vocals in the lines about being programmed and transformed? I think they add a really cool effect to the line.
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