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  1. That'd be interesting. I guess it keeps people talking about the album more over the span of the week if they do it like that. I wonder if we're gonna get lyrics videos for every song, even if they don't pull through (lol pun) with the lever thing.
  2. As much as I'd like to say I'll hold off listening to Handler I know I will. It does spoil the first album listen but either way we'll have heard the full album by next week and that's all that matters in the long run.
  3. Funny that it's a bit like Prelude + Survival. I guess all of the Queen influenced songs deserve their own symphonic introduction
  4. if I hadn't gone to mu I'd probably never discovered most of my favorite albums. American Football <3 More OT I'm curious to hear the orchestration in JFK, could be a nice calm between storms (ie handler and defector)
  5. I swear, iTunes has some equalizer built in separate from the EQ it lets you configure. Even if you turn off the EQ feature within iTunes, songs still sound different from their raw files.
  6. Finally listened to Reapers, it's awesome! This album is definitely shaping up to be up there with BHaR for me. What's the general consensus on when we'll be getting a leak, what with certain people obtaining copies?
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