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  1. Love the tempo changes in this song. The chorus is pretty good too, sans lyrics. The things that I hate most are probably the disgraceful pre-chorus and those strange falsetto jumps in the verses. It's a catchy pop song but it loudly marks the beginning of a dissapointing second half.
  2. Aftermath and Revolt are two songs that I would never listen to had they not been written by Muse. Not saying the songwriting in them is bad (that's a subjective thing), but the style of music is just not something I would listen to otherwise. Also, why do the cheesy songs on each album always have the best guitar solos? Revolt, BF, GL, and Invincible all have great solos imo.
  3. Ugh still very mixed on this song. Guitar work and tone is beautiful, but the whole thing (especially the final chorus) sounds like Christian Rock. It's like I've heard that chorus melody a million times before. If it was a piano instrumental, I definitely listen to it though, that suits it best..
  4. Alright let me clarify before I'm burned at the stake here When I said worst track, I meant like what I thought was general fan consensus of each album's worst track. I don't think Endlessly is the worst track on Absolution at all, I just thought that it seems like every album there's always that one track. Although it seems like more people like Endlessly than I thought! I love it personally. So maybe Absolution is an exception to my Muse hypothesis
  5. I think GL comparisons have just become the new way to say "worst track." Big Freeze, Guiding Light, Invincible, Endlessly, Feeling Good, Overdue, and now Revolt – seems like there's always that one track that many Muse fans have pegged as the outlier on albums
  6. Opinion time: It's frustrating to hear derivative songs like Revolt and Aftermath, because the band's songwriting capabilities have proven to be so beyond those two tracks. I'm not one of those fans who says they should make the same music they did 10 years ago, but the fact that they wrote songs of such a high caliber back then makes me think they could do it again. Or maybe not. Maybe it's just how all artists age. What if Muse had broken up after BH&R? Their reputation amongst music fans would be drastically different..
  7. Yeah, the big tremolo pick riff is awesome but ends so fast. It's like the band is jamming out and then realize they need to transition to a piano ballad with only seconds to spare.
  8. Speaking of live versions, I wonder if any tracks, barring Drones for obvious reasons, won't end up making it to the stage. Matt seemed pretty keen on playing all the songs live, but then again he also mentioned doing acoustic stuff a while back lol. Aftermath could be hard to pull off live.
  9. Yeah, I think it's really just a matter of overcoming whatever expectations you had, as well as getting used to songs that are a bit more shocking. I guess I'll see in a few months if it is worth coming back to. Then again, at that point, I'll probably be addicted to Currents...
  10. Idk, I'm not keeping track or anything. Like there was this one note in Aftermath that had literally zero vibrato and sounded really computerized. I really don't wanna start an argument about pitch correction though because I've seen them here before and nothing good comes out of them..
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