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  1. Oh for sure, I think generally the opening tracks are great. It's more the tracks that follow that kinda kill the hype (TaB --> Starlight, Apocalypse Please --> TiRO, Supremacy --> Madness)
  2. True, but I don't think Muse has had a very strong opening few tracks to an album since Absolution. Every album is always front loaded with singles and they're never very cohesive
  3. Good. As a wise man once wrote: "Be yourselves, don't be afraid of what other people think of you, don't conform, eat the world, try to see everything that's going on, you're still all very young."
  4. If you're referring to what I was saying earlier, I was talking about iTunes Match. It's their cloud service and I was listening to a version that was hosted by iTunes, not locally
  5. Ok guys call me crazy all you want, but here we go: I actually think people are right about the differently mastered versions. I uploaded my mp3 of Mercy (from Warner) to iTunes Match. With iTunes match, if the song you're uploading exists on the iTunes store, it doesn't upload it, it just matches it with the copy there. I'm assuming Mercy is up there somewhere in the iTunes store since it's only a day away. Listening to Mercy on another computer (where the original file isn't locally stored at all) sounds drastically different. Like some elements (such as the guitar clinks before the first chorus) are low in the mix and the vocals are much quieter. Overall much better sounding and way less compressed!
  6. Listening with my best headphones, vocals sound fine volume wise. The problem is that there's no space to them, it sounds like every other layer is in some huge space and then the vocals sound intimately recorded. Just a bit weird, but it's really not that bad.
  7. I think I liked the Weenie Roast mix better lol Realistically our ears will just adjust to louder vocals right? I mean other than the vocals I think the instrumentals sound great
  8. I agree with whoever said that the vocals seem disconnected. Otherwise I love it. Why do people think we'll get a different mix when its officially released? This seems pretty official to me, straight from the Warner site...
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