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  1. Yeah like 6-7 days before. Iirc iTunes streamed it the week before its release in the U.S. They seem to do this with a lot of albums now so I wouldn't be surprised if Drones is streamed next Tuesday.
  2. I wish they had taken that direction with LP8 :'( I have faith in them to make something good though. The good thing about Radiohead as opposed to bands like Muse, in my opinion, is that experimenting ≠ losing what makes the band so great.
  3. Agreed, it definitely brings a lot of the sterile bits of the album to life. I only reordered the album a bit and added all of the non-album tracks of the era, I think this was the tracklist I ended up with: uh back on topic – muse are pretty good and i am excited for their forthcoming LP "Drones"
  4. I'm normally very OCD, but for some reason I didn't mind reordering T2L (probably because the sequence didn't make much sense to begin with). Other than that and The King of Limbs I never really messed with tracks.
  5. I can see where you coming from, don't worry. I remember I thought Supremacy was going to be the perfect opener for T2L. When I heard the full album, I decided IS was the new perfect opener, so the full context of the album can definitely affect that opinion.
  6. Idk, the way the guitars sounded in that snippet makes it sound almost like a demo recording. I could be completely wrong though, I think I'm just trying to convince myself that they won't use the chants...I just hope they don't chant sing the "killed by" part.
  7. Unrelated from the current discussion, but I feel like once I got the album I might want to try and reorder the tracks a bit, even it ruins the flow of a narrative. I don't think Dead Inside is a great opener. Reapers worked so well as a show opener and maybe it'll be a good replacement for it. I'm sure a lot of you are very opposed to this idea though
  8. https://twitter.com/Nowherethomas/status/601541367114903552 Periscope EDIT: TOM JUST PLAYED A BIT OF THE HANDLER ON HIS PHONE BY ACCIDENT all I could make it was a little riff on a guitar, he turned it off after a few seconds
  9. Torn between IS and Animals, went with IS. Two of their most original tracks in a while imo
  10. Although a bit overrated amongst Muse fans, I think Hoodoo is still the best song on the album. The sparse guitar and soft vocals create such a large space for the song, and when the piano and drums come in, it really shows off the band's talent at writing really dynamic and exciting songs. I think it's probably Matt's best lyrics as well. If I had to rank the tracks on the album... Hoodoo Map Of The Problematique Take A Bow City Of Delusion Knights Of Cydonia Assassin Invincible Exo-Politics Soldiers Poem Starlight Supermassive Black Hole BHaR is probably my favorite behind OoS and Absolution!
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