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  1. I'll be listening to a 320 MP3 copy because I'm a plebeian who can't really tell the difference beyond 128
  2. Is the band's first time in China outside of Hong Kong?
  3. That's the hardest part, because we've heard pretty much the first half of the album! I'd like to think I'll go start to finish. But I may get fed up listening to Psycho's chorus for a fifth time before wanting to hear The Handler lol. How about you?
  4. Aww thanks glad you like it! It's meant for background noise so it did its job. In Reapers I'm really interested to hear how the guitar solo section works. I remember someone had a really cool idea that each little solo could be like a radio dialing in and out, what with the sporadic motion between each solo. Also I don't care for music videos at all so I'd much rather hear a new studio track. Just my two cents though
  5. Really the only things that I think could be different in Reapers is the guitar tone and chants vs. vocoders. The guitar tone could be a deal breaker imo so the live version isn't entirely indicative of the final product
  6. iirc the milan strings are in a different key from the globalist's intro EDIT: wait actually they're in the same key as the outro I think so maybe they're in that part
  7. Intro tapping: Eruption Reapers verse: distinct Muse sound Main riff: almost as if AC/DC covered Bombtrack Chorus: straight up 80s rock Solo: Tom Morello vs. Angus Young duel Outro: literally just Freedom
  8. Yeah, leaked wasn't a good word But it is funny to see how much the perception of the album changed even in a matter of a month. I'm sure a lot of people ranked it up there with OoS and Abso back then. I think I did, now I think it's their worst My predicted ranking is probably: Abso OoS BHAR = Drones TR Showbiz T2L Can't wait to see this thread when LP8 is about to come out so we can all laugh at our opinions
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