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    Girl, from Hong Kong.
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    Music, languages and travelling :).
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    Love Actually, Saw series...
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    Fringe, 24, House
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    Nineteen Eighty-four , Watching the English
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    Sunburn CD 1 + CD 2
    Origin Of Symmetry
    Plug In Baby CD 1
    Black Holes and Revelations
    Starlight 7"
    Knights of Cydonia 7"
    Invincible 7" + CD
    Supermassive Black Hole 7'
    The Resistance (DVD + CD)
    The Resistance Box Set
    Uprising CD
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    06thFeb 2010 - AWE Hong Kong
  1. Have a great Christmas! x

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! :xmas:

  3. Hey!!!:happy:

    How are you??!!??!:rolleyes:

    *sighs* I miss you!!!:'(

  4. Cute icon of Matt! :)

  5. OMG AM ! So proud of you!!!! All the stuff look amazing!!!!!! Can't wait for them to receive the gifts!!!! Glad that I took part in this amazing project - yay! Good luck with everything!!
  6. I hope this is all a joke Seriously tho, I don't expect much after having heard that 30-second-clip. :/, why now they are composing songs to appeal the Americans? (reminds me of them refusing Nestel )
  7. QFT! Actually Twilight has been mocked numerous times for its poor grammar etc etc. Seriously tho, I do agree with you that the whole thing behind Twilight is just "$$$". The story plot is as commercial as one can get, and it was aimed to a teenage fanbase = LOADS OF $$$$. Sad to see Muse getting involved with this whole $$ project but meh, we can do nothing. Let's accept the (sad) fact and enjoy that block of cheese! ! Me too Yea, it better better be.
  8. I agree with all the things you said. Sadder thing is - the new oven song. Not only the name of it and the appearance on the OST of Eclipse make me think it is going to suck. Yes, we have a new Muse song, but all covered in cheese (and monies!)
  9. Oh yea! But you said another song ! I know right.... I would die cause of awesomeness overwhelmed!
  10. It sounds like a mix of KoC and Pendulum to me Anyone with me? ?
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