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  1. OMG AM ! So proud of you!!!! All the stuff look amazing!!!!!! Can't wait for them to receive the gifts!!!! Glad that I took part in this amazing project - yay! Good luck with everything!!
  2. I hope this is all a joke Seriously tho, I don't expect much after having heard that 30-second-clip. :/, why now they are composing songs to appeal the Americans? (reminds me of them refusing Nestel )
  3. QFT! Actually Twilight has been mocked numerous times for its poor grammar etc etc. Seriously tho, I do agree with you that the whole thing behind Twilight is just "$$$". The story plot is as commercial as one can get, and it was aimed to a teenage fanbase = LOADS OF $$$$. Sad to see Muse getting involved with this whole $$ project but meh, we can do nothing. Let's accept the (sad) fact and enjoy that block of cheese! ! Me too Yea, it better better be.
  4. I agree with all the things you said. Sadder thing is - the new oven song. Not only the name of it and the appearance on the OST of Eclipse make me think it is going to suck. Yes, we have a new Muse song, but all covered in cheese (and monies!)
  5. Oh yea! But you said another song ! I know right.... I would die cause of awesomeness overwhelmed!
  6. It sounds like a mix of KoC and Pendulum to me Anyone with me? ?
  7. I voted screaming I like when back in the days he screams a lot ! Well, if singing , I like the Cave option (forgotten what exactly it is )
  8. Hahaha! Vegemite > Marmite perhaps? ! It does! Except CP imo.... I love CP's piano Exclude the Japanese crowd tho... They aren't too nuts. My friend who went to all the shows in Japan told me (and yes, she's a Japanese ).
  9. ! A chaotic chaos, no doubt. I even think some will leave the board just to protest? ? On the other hand, Matt's number of friends seems to be decreasing :o. Has he been deleting some friends? (I assumed that as I saw Dom has more friends than Matt)
  10. I love Fake Plastic Trees too!!!!! /offtopic I agree with pretty much all of things you said. especially the one in yellow. But then, in bold, meh, I disagree. I think Endlessly is pretty good! I didn't really like it at first tbh, but then I find it pretty nice, especially kicking off a tiring morning!
  11. No . Only two weeks and usually it takes less than two weeks! Hmm, printing is fast . Only graphic takes time.. I think if delaying the date helps with the flag, we should !
  12. Hi :D

    I am just dropping a line asking about the exo trade :).


  13. Wow wow wow :o

    PhD of Eng lit!

    You should be my English teacher :LOL:!

  14. 1. Muscle Museum 2. New Born 3. Sunburn 4. Plug In Baby 5. Dead Star 6. TIRO 7. SS 8. Hyper Music 9. Hysteria 10. SMBH 11. Bliss 12.Starlight 13. Cave 14. Unintended 15. Knights of Cydonia 16. In Your World 17. Apocalypse Please 18. Uno 19. Map of the Problematique 20. Butterflies & Hurricanes 21. USoE 22. Sing For Absolution 23. Feeling Good 24. Uprising 25. Undisclosed Desires 26. Resistance 27. Invincible Judging on the song + b sides... [EDIT] : Thanks Static Shadows I am such a fail !
  15. Tbh... I really don't think people who have posted screencaps should be blamed for that fuss... I do agree that it was just pure excitement and the fans just wanted to share the joy with the rest of the boardies! Also, I also agree that Matt really isn't replying anything personal.. Nothing about the colour of the socks he's wearing, nothing about his number, nothing about the brand of his toilet back at home, nothing about his mum etc... He's just being friendly and just at all personal. I think people who've posted screencaps shouldn't feel bad ! I think those psychos are the ones to blame... (I also don't really get why people keep posting on Matt's comment page as if it were their twitter D:! People are like "ZOMG, I am going to work now Matt, I LOVE YOU YOU YOU YOU" etc... C'mon, he won't be interested in your personal schedule!) - End of rant -
  16. I see... It's still pretty close, only 2 hours! Aww, I want to go clubbing sooo badly! I wish those clubs didn't have age limits :LOL:!


    Me too! Brit rock ! \m/! Well, most concerts held in HK are actually held in a venue next to the airport... It takes me an hour to get there too... So actually, to me, Berlin isn't really that far away :awesome:!


    Nope. Only child too. I am not exactly sure how many cousins I have... Not much too. My family is a very small one too!


    I see... I want to go to uni! You've finished uni too, didn't you? (I remember you said you needed to work over the country after uni...) I am either going to go : scientific (interested in Chemistry!) or linguistic (interested in languages :p)


    I don't know... I need to choose the subjects that I am studying in higher form (senior) this year... I think I will see if I am really interested in Chemistry or not... If yes, I think I will major Chemistry and minor some languages in uni... If not, major and minor languages all the way! :LOL:

    What do you think about my plan? :)

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