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  1. True, true:stongue:

  2. Yeh, sometimes too much for me. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy it:facepalm:

    Excuse me, it seems like I'm having one of many fan-girl moments:happy::LOL:

    Back to the PMT for me, I think...:p

  3. :ohmy:. That is just awesome. You've made my day:happy:
  4. Nothing, nothing.:rolleyes:

  5. Neat. How's Alex today, then?:p

  6. :ohmy:I love your Franz t-shirt. Where did you get it from?

  7. Oh yeah, that. A very interesting thread. And very interesting answers:D

  8. Same here. Just being distracted as usual.:LOL:

  9. Fine, thanks. You?

  10. Hi, hows life in Camp Alex?:p

  11. :happy:Gee, thanks

  12. :)Welcome to the board

  13. Green Day undertitle! :dance:

  14. Hi:)

    And yeah, everybody does:D

  15. Oh I'm good. Just getting my daily Muse fix.:D

    I am so gutted about that comp.

  16. :)My pleasure. Hows you?

  17. :ohmy:Your profile pic! :dance:

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