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  1. :shifty: Stole it off Ginnie. :D
  2. Thanks for your comments on my album collection:)

  3. Have you seen this yet?:

  4. Previously: Franz Ferdinand - What She Came For

    Now: MUSE - Stcokholm Syndrome ( live at Rock In Rio 2008, with riffs). You should check it out. It. Is. AMAZING.:musesign:

  5. Tell me about it. I've had the same song on repeat for nearly 10 minutes. It's just too addictive. And distracting. :noey: What are you listening to?

  6. I'm supposed to be completing an assignment, but I can't seem to find my way out of Youtube. Not that I've even tried:LOL:

  7. :D No problem. How's you?
  8. Your sig is so gallifreyian-giggle worthy! Sorry, I just had to say that...:shifty:

  9. Please.... stop....:supersad:


  10. :LOL: Yep, :eek: just about sums that up...
  11. Well, not really... It's 117. It says so on my profile:D

  12. No problemo:D

    How are you?

  13. I'm not really sure I want to:stongue:

    It may ruin my entire image of him.

  14. Me thinks you need to as well.:stongue:

  15. Have you read this month's Q yet? The 'Face Of The Month' might be to your taste;)


    Why can't someone just loop the first 46 seconds? It would be a much better video that way:eyebrows::chuckle:

  17. Ta:cool:

    More people should appreciate Tre's talents. He is such an awesome guy:D

  18. Herro snowie. Welcome to the board.

  19. Oh yes, Dom would have a lot of fun with Matt's 'screwdriver'... Shite, this conversation has really gone to the gutter, hasn't it? Then again, this is Dommeh we're talking about. I'm sure he'd be flattered. ;)

  20. Well, Starlight/Hoodoo. Hoodoo would mainly be for the weepy, heart-wrenching parts. Good luck with the companion thing! I personally would KILL to be Maffoo's companion when he takes up the role. It would mean *ahem* getting very 'close' to Matt, if you can see what I mean... Whoever get's the part will be a very lucky woman. Or man. I have this really terrifying idea that it could be...DOM!

  21. Ta. Matt would be so fitting for the role as the 12th, and last, incarnation of the Doctor. They'd better use Starlight as the theme tune. I wonder who his companion will be? Kate?

  22. Yeh, that is true:happy:

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