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  1. Hello :stongue: I'm fine. How are you???

  2. Heres another question: is there any likeness at all between you and your Simpsons character?

  3. You could have it so much better. Without a doubt :D

  4. Not really, I just like the martian for one sole reason- its cute

    Actually, I do have this really big Looney Tunes poster in my bedroom... so yeah, I guess I must do:yesey:

  5. Do you like Futurama? Did you draw that pic yourself ? Look at me, asking all of those intimate questions...:rolleyes:

  6. Where DID you get your profile picture picture from? I want it real bad.

  7. yeah. They're my second favourite band

    well, not really. ever since i heard Green Day's Jesus of Surburbia, i find Franz are lagging behind a bit. just a little bit. but enough to make a noticeably large difference...:unsure:

  8. Thanks. I most definitely will:musesign:

  9. Thanks. I most definitely will:musesign:

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