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  1. 180px-Alex_kap.jpg


    Heres one for ya:happy:

  2. What on Gallifrey do you mean?:stongue:

  3. And yeah, the whole Matt is really a Gallifreyian/ the First Doctor in disguise thing. Which is to tell the truth, pretty much plausible, seeing as Matt did have that pinstriped suit...:happy:

    And it would explain Starlight...:unsure:

  4. Indeed, especially with the whole " Matt only sings to make his biological father, Thom Yorke, cry" part. And the bit where an army of rabid Musers attack Thom to retrieve the final Ununited States Of Eurasia USB.:LOL: I shall shut up now....

  5. Oh you know, the multiple voting thing:D

    I just came across this revelation in an interview, was laughing my head off!

    Have you seen the Uncyclopedia yet? Its new and improved! And way funnier:LOL:

  6. I think Matt's onto us:shifty:

    And another av?! I am seriously loving this one

  7. My pleasure! Yeah, I'm good. You?

  8. It's kinda a cross between MK Ultra and Unatural Selection at the moment:D

  9. Yep. Whats your fave track?

  10. Oh, right. My mistake:D

  11. If you don't mind me asking, what the fuck is H1N1??? :confused:And, er yeah, I'm good.:LOL:

  12. From the look of your av, I'm guessing you're into Merlin?

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