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  1. He. Is. Amazing. :phu: (Singer and songwriter of Ours)
  2. Kent probably has the best album closers ever.
  3. 2.41 backing vocals, panned to the left, full/modal or fry? :awesome:
  4. Hat

    it's the singer :D
  5. :awesome: you need to get on that shit right away!
  6. Hat

    :awesome: Cool! Was it in English or Swedish?
  7. :awesome: THANKS :D I'll try that
  8. Hat

    :D mission accomplished, that was probably my good deed for the week.
  9. Hat

    :( maybe, soon.
  10. :( Was just gonna write to you on FB when you logged out :(
  11. :happy: Great song. I have been listening to Fair To Midland all day. My notewatching is starting to get somewhere!
  12. :happy: Will you be my best man at the wedding?
  13. :LOL: Aaaah, chat is going crazy atm. You should join :D
  14. :LOL: But I like the 4-6 people LANs a lot more. You get together, play until late at night, watch a film and go to bed in the morning. Wake up at 3-4 pm and make breakfast, then back to the computers until early in the morning, and repeat this for 3-4 days. And of course you do a lot of other shit too. Like record fucking weird movies when you haven't slept for 30 hours or so, or just go out in the forest in the middle of the night and explore.
  15. :LOL: Download their albums, I promise you it's worth it. I was completely obsessed with them a while back.
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