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  1. I just noticed your new av... is it from "Dick in a Box"? :LOL:

  2. Audrey! Thank you so much for going through great lengths to meet up in Manila!


    Here's a set of photos I took while I was in the Philippines:


    And our pics of the two of us:

    Audrey and Me

    Audrey and Me at SM San Lazaro

  3. Yeah tomorrow. Ah shucks, it's okay. That actually kind of works out because we ended up going to SM today and we're meeting up with a relative tomorrow. It looks like I'm staying in Manila for a few days after I come back from Iloilo in a couple weeks (May 11-ish). I'll call you around that time. ;)

  4. Wow. WOW. Now that is a find! Matt's hair is ridiculous! And though they weren't completely terrible, their songwriting and musicianship has come a long way!

  5. Hey Audrey! Whereabouts in Manila do you live? Cris brought up the idea of us possibly meeting up. I'm leaving for Manila next Tuesday.

  6. Congrats on starting drivers ed! :happy:


    *adds Kapranos to the "bring back to Hawaii" list*


    That's cool you alter your shirts. I know if I tried doing that, I'd mess the whole thing up.

  7. Kylee! I can't remember if I asked you this, but what's your shirt size?


    I'm flying to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon! Wooo!

  8. By the looks of the announced dates (and a couple of rumored ones) so far, it looks like they'll be touring with U2 in the U.S. for the first part of autumn, then Europe for the second part. I predict they'll do their own U.S. tour in the spring.


    Here's a list of dates so far at Muselive: http://www.muselive.com/events.php?filter=incoming Do you visit Muselive? I think they do a better job of keeping up with Muse news than the official site. :happy:

  9. No, I'm waiting for them to announce their headlining tour. I'm flying out to see Franz, and a week later I'm going to the Philippines and Vegas, so I still need to save up for that Muse trip anyways. =) I can't wait until the new album comes out!

  10. I'm good. I'm excited because I'll be seeing Franz Ferdinand next Saturday! :happy:

  11. Hi Becky! Thanks for adding me as a friend! How are you?

  12. Oh that's right! Hope you've had fun on your spring break! :happy:


    All my coworkers have been filming in Miami for a client this week (except me, I'm still on the island), so they let me work at home, since no one else is in the office. Funny thing is, I'm supposed to be working on two websites, but one client hasn't given me photos yet, and I didn't get the layout for the other one until today, so it's sort of been a break for me. It's nice to stay at home for a little bit, but not for too long! My good friend from high school, who I just spent a few hours on the phone with, is coming over tomorrow... we're gonna watch a DVD, and have some tea and cookies. :LOL: Nice way to kill time without spending money!


    Yesterday I got into my first incident with the car. I was parking in front of the library and tapped the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, and I hit a tree. :LOL: Well at the time it wasn't funny—my mom was freaked out and pissed off—but after my mom took over driving duty and went to Costco (I bought a camera for the concert!), we were cool. Thankfully, the front's just scratched up a little, no major dent. By the sound of the thud, I thought I had totally fucked up the bumper!


    I forgot U2 had a concert here, that's right! That would be awesome if they (and Muse!!) came back! Do you remember how the turnout was when U2 came here?


    Edit: Never mind, it was almost sold out! :eek: But I also found this at http://www.u2.com/tour/index/ (all the way at the bottom, second and third paragraphs):


    "The European tour will be followed by dates in North America beginning at Chicago's Soldier Field on September 12th, 2009. In September and October, U2 360° Tour will also visit: Atlanta, GA; Charlottesville, VA; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Norman, OK; Phoenix, AZ; Tampa, FL; Washington, DC and Vancouver, BC. Complete Tour and ticketing information to follow."


    Maybe Honolulu will be added later? (Or not at all...)

  13. *gasp* Kylee's alive! You weren't grounded from the Internet or something, were you?

  14. Did you hear about Muse opening for U2? Talk about major epicness!



  15. LOL at the below post! :p


    Because I wasn't invited/included in their plans as usual. Well they're mainly shooting video there so as a web person I would have no need to go. But at the same time, our office manager is going to do the catering. :mad:


    The funny part is that the only people out of the entire company who aren't going are the same people who hate working there: me and another intern. (And it's a small company.) I think it's a conspiracy. :indiff: But whatev, I wouldn't want to spend time with those guys who went anyways.

  16. Ack I know! Sorry... it's been crazy at work and figuring out logistics for three different trips! Glad tomorrow's my day off. :D


    I'll be working at home this spring break since everyone else at the office went to a conference in Miami. I feel so left out. :( But at least I'm working at home and not having to deal with any coworkers or having to come into the office for a week.

  17. Oh okay, that might be something we'd like to check out. Thanks!

  18. Random question... what are some neat things to do in Manila? I know about Luzon Park and the Manila Zoo already. Not sure how much has changed since I've been there 12 years ago. And you guys have the subway/train thing now right?

  19. Yeah! I'm glad. Now I just need to budget everything out because I don't want to be broke by the time I come back from all those trips.

  20. Holy crap! :( *hugs* That's a scary dream! I hope it hasn't shaken you too much. I don't like dreams like that at all, especially when you wake up and start crying.


    Isn't it weird though how detailed it is, and how random those details are? Like, marijuana ball? White supremacists? Vietnamese guerrillas? Stuff we wouldn't normally encounter just trickles in are dreams somehow.

  21. Hehe, she called back earlier this evening, phew! She was cool with it! :D

  22. Haha random but cool. At least they actually were in your dream!

  23. :)


    I actually already called her twice and she hasn't returned my phone calls. Grr. I was going to email her but I'd find it easier if we could talk it out.

  24. :( *hugs* I'm not gonna ask... but I hope the problem gets resolved.


    Yeah, it's my Saturday job which I hope shouldn't be a problem. :)

  25. OMG, if dreams became reality right?


    Care to divulge about that FF dream?

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