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  1. Thanks! Amethyst is a lovely name, too! I've never met anyone with that name before. :)


    :shifty: I'll lasso Matt with my lei. :LOL:

  2. Hi Amethyst! Cool, we both have uncommon names lol!


    Yeah, would be cool to meet up there!

  3. Hey! Sorry I didn't get your real name! Hope Wembley plans work out for both of us!

  4. That would quite possibly be the best birthday present EVER.

  5. :LOL:


    Belated birthday party in London! :party:

  6. :LOL: I swear, every time I've told that story, someone's always like, "So, you 'lei'd' him, eh?" *nudge nudge wink wink* I was at a Christmas party for work exactly a week after Vegas, and I was telling the story of meeting him, and I kept using air quotes (with your fingers, you know?) every time I said I "lei'd" Matt Bellamy. And finally someone was like, "Stop with the air quotes! Just say it proudly: I gave him a quick lei (lay) and made him giggle!" :LOL::facepalm: Everyone laughed.


    I totally didn't even think of the innuendo with the lei because I just wanted to make a gift for them that I could wear/have an easy time carrying around throughout the course of that day, and I wanted to make them something that said "Hawaii" to it. But the innuendo is funny!


    Hey your birthday is two days after mine! :awesome:

  7. He was super nice, but the encounter was brief. You know how he laughs funny? He let out one of those after I "lei'd" him. :LOL:

  8. :LOL: Yeah in Vegas at the afterparty! I was speechless. All I said to him was, "Hi," "I made this for you" (I made him an origami star lei), and "thanks." :facepalm:
  9. Shelby! I can't wait until we get to see Muse this year! And Wembley will be EPIC!

  10. Hey! Hope we get to meet at a gig in the spring. :) Let me know what ends up happening with you and the Phoenix show!

  11. Hey Mel, ready for the weekend? :awesome:

  12. Hey there! Thanks for adding me as a friend! I'll be seeing you in Vegas... I'll be there in a week! :eek:

  13. :LOL: Here it is! http://twitter.com/glorificus5884


    She had a blog where she'd often talk about her unicorn, but the news station she works for recently merged with another station, so her blog (and everyone else's blogs that were on the original website) isn't up anymore. But she still posts pics on Twitter like this one: http://twitpic.com/f60po


    Mormon porn star. I see the irony there! :chuckle:

  14. I just noticed your undertitle, and I just have to say, I have a friend who would totally agree with you. Her bio on Twitter says, "Video editor, All around awesome and part time Unicorn Trainer." She has a toy unicorn named Trixie in her office. :LOL:

  15. Oh, Kylee, cool! The watermelon is very appropriate. :)

  16. Your profile pic! :LOL:

  17. I know! :awesome: Perfect, innit? I knew I wanted to make it my undertitle when I heard that lyric lol.

  18. Hi! Welcome to the board!

  19. Hello! Thanks for adding me... how are you? :)

  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes! =D

  21. Any kind of log sucks! Pilots in training also have to keep a log. And it's stupid because you could BS all those entries if you weren't an honest person! I remember people doing that for their reading logs in high school. :LOL:


    Okay, here's the V Fest download link! It's two videos with a short interview with Matt and Dom, KoC, Hysteria, and SMBH. Enjoy! http://files.me.com/libperalta/acbm86

  22. :LOL: I just watched the Smosh Billy Mays videos! That first guy really did a good job with the impersonation which is probably why it's so hilarious that the second guy got another interview. Billy Mays has changed the game for infomercials! :p


    Yeah, that was one reason why I didn't get my license when I was in high school. There's so much BS hurdles you have to go through just for a license. The other big reason why I didn't get my license when I was in school was because I was so busy anyways.


    I love that performance of KoC! :yesey: I have it saved on my computer, in fact! Let me know if you want it.

  23. You always have the funniest sigs! I just saw an episode of "Pitchmen" the other day. It so funny because of the fact that the two guys have a rivalry... over being the best TV pitchman, like it's a position of prestige haha. Ever since the Oxyclean commercials first came out, my sister and I always thought Billy Mays was the funniest salesman because it sounds like he's always talking to a hearing-impaired person. :LOL:

  24. Hi! Thanks for the add! How you doing?

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