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  1. It was great to see some familiar and new faces last weekend! Can't believe it's already been just over a week.
  2. That sign was the Gonzales sisters! Muse friends. We need to meet up at some point over the weekend, Evie!
  3. Any updates on the book? Submitted a story before the deadline but never heard back.
  4. Hawaii fans: I'm hosting a listening party for The 2nd Law on September 18 at Amuse Wine Bar. That's right - listen to Muse at Amuse. Come by to hear the album, meet local Muse fans, eat some good food and win some awesome Muse swag! Space is limited, so please RSVP on Facebook or email hawaiimusers@gmail.com. THIS EVENT IS FREE! 21+ only, please. The Ice Garden at Amuse Wine Bar is located on the second floor of the Honolulu Design Center (1250 Kapiolani Blvd) - the orange building on Kapiolani Blvd, kitty corner from Ala Moana Center. Ample free parking is available in the design center structure; enter from Piikoi Street.
  5. ^ Nice! To add on to the first question: It's not like I go out looking specifically for a foreign band and decide I'll like them. I'll get into a band if I think their music is great to listen to and if they happen to be from another country, cool!
  6. Great, so you'll be a few thousand miles closer to me then! How long are you staying there?
  7. Hehe, hi Alex! Wow, forgot about this thread lol
  8. liberty

    Lollapalooza 2011

    For those of us staying at HI Hostel, looks like they have a Facebook page! If you're interested, there will be a hostel-wide mixer and pub crawl on Thursday the 4th.
  9. liberty

    Lollapalooza 2011

    I'm leaning towards TDCC, too, just 'cause I already saw White Lies when they opened for Muse at Wembley. Everyone else I know who's going is planning on White Lies, though.
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