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  1. Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend. =) How are you doing?

  2. I've never been anywhere in Europe, but again my sister has. She's been to Italy, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. (It was a tour for a music ambassadors program.) I would very much like to as soon as I can afford it. And right now, Absolution is my favorite album, though they're all magnificent in their own way.

  3. I can play a bit of guitar too but I haven't been practicing lately. I've been spending more time with piano. I would like to get back to playing guitar though. I can imagine "Stockholm Syndrome" being a fun song to play. I don't have a band, but I often daydream that I have one hehe.

  4. Maybe "Sunburn" would be my song of the day today. I already know how to play the intro on the piano but now I'm learning how to play the rest of the song.

  5. I'm working two jobs. My full time job is making websites and my part-time job is spent teaching people how to use Macs.

  6. Haha I wish I could go there! Someday I'm sure. My sister is four years younger than me and she got to go to Italy before me!

  7. It's nice as you can imagine. Been really busy with work, though. Haven't had much time to go out or anything.

  8. Yeah, I looked it up on Google Maps and I noticed you weren't too far away from my roommate's hometown (and Matt's house, haha). What's it like there?

  9. I'm from Hawaii. You're from Italy? I had a roommate in college from Brescia, I think.

  10. It's all right, I understand... I live on an island in the Pacific, too, haha. But life seems to be going well so far. And don't worry about your English too much—doesn't seem to be so bad to me.

  11. Don't worry, I can understand how you feel... again, I was the same way in high school. I'm sure that leaving the islands for a bit will help and I encourage you to do it.


    What parts of Cali have you been to? I prefer San Fran over L.A. but that's just me.

  12. Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend. How are you?

  13. Well, I'm still here. I guess that means something.


    I felt the same way you do when I was in high school. I felt trapped (after all, we ARE on an island). My biggest concern was knowing how slim the chances were of being able to see my favorite bands live—I was lucky that Jimmy Eat World stopped by not once, but twice.


    I don't 100% love being here all the time, but I don't completely loathe it either. I think after traveling for a bit, I don't feel as trapped as I used to feel. At the same time, I haven't ruled out living somewhere else for a while. I think you should go for it—get yourself out of your comfort zone, discover another place and more of yourself. I can't say that won't happen to me some time in the near future. But I also can't say I'll never come back.

  14. Hello! I'm fine, a bit tired. How are things in Indonesia?

  15. LOL! Random but funny Muse story! Will getting drunk be your strategy in discovering new music? =p No, but it is interesting that we both became Muse fans after visiting Cali...

  16. Not for too long, admittedly—since the beginning of this year. It started with a conversation a couple of people I was job training with in Cali were having about which was the best Muse album. (If I remember right, they went with Absolution.) Not too long after, I got HAARP—it says a lot when a live album can get you really psyched about a band. Then I went out and got all their albums. Muse was one of those bands I had always been meaning to get into... and now I'm glad I did. =)


    How about you? What's your Muse story?

  17. Nice to meet you too! I'm Liberty. I'll be seeing you on these boards!

  18. No, I totally understand. I wasn't expecting anyone from Hawaii to be on here either. =)

  19. "'Sup"? :D Good to hear from another Hawaii fan!

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