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  1. Good morning! (Good afternoon here.) How are you?


    My mom's traveling to the P.I. next month. I thought I was gonna go, but now I'm not sure. I work two jobs and my full-time said ok, but the weekend one is not sure yet.

  2. I gotta tell you about the dream I had last night. I went to go see a Franz Ferdinand concert with a couple of Apple coworkers I had lunch with last weekend. There was a special booth outside that was selling special tickets (probably front row or something) and no one was there, I couldn't believe it. So we bought our tickets and lined up. I remember a random guy showing me a map of the venue and telling me that the band usually comes out from the right, but he recommended going somewhere in the middle to hear the best sound. Then I realized I hadn't brought a camera. Conveniently, there was a camera shop next door, so I ran out of line and looked for a camera. Then I woke up. But yeah, it was interesting how detailed my dream was, especially with that guy recommending where the best place to stand was.


    Then the night before, I had a dream that I went online to buy FF tickets and they sold out!


    Anyway, I hope your week is off to a good start!

  3. Okay, as long as we can both share him. :LOL:


    Btw, what's your shirt size? In case I decide to get you a shirt instead. :p


    Oh yes, Twitter updates! I got into Twitter a few months ago and I find it a great way to keep track of my favorite bands. Oh and my friends too. :p Actually, Jimmy Eat World has been the best as far as sending updates, like pictures or even websites they find. Here's an amusing link they sent pretty recently: http://ronwinter.tv/drums.html


    Yeah I know! Hawaii must be feeling pretty moody lately.


    People were talking about some Muse karaoke songs in the Filipino thread in International. Like Hysteria (!), Starlight and SMBH. The latter, now that's one to be slaughtered!

  4. Still waiting to hear back from my manager about taking off those Saturdays for the trips, but I should have enough vacation hours racked up to be able to do it!


    I'll definitely get something for you from the gig! :kiss:


    Thanks for keeping me in the loop with all the Muse and Franz stuff you shared! Things have been hectic lately so I'm keeping up today with all the music stuff and your message helped a ton! Red-nosed Bob ftw! And yeah, I don't know about that music video. It's awkward. :(


    And yeah, it seemed like the weather was awful everywhere yesterday! It was pouring overnight Friday evening/yesterday early morning here but by the time I got dropped off at the transit center, it had calmed down. But it was raining buckets on the freeway and you couldn't even see—one time I was glad not to be driving!


    Last night, I went to karaoke with a group of Apple peeps. I didn't really sing much but it was fun being entertained by the others who were singing! The songs were listed alpha by song title and not by artist, which sucked, but I managed to find one Muse song—their version of "Feeling Good"—but that song is a bitch to sing so we skipped it. :LOL:


    Btw, sexy av!

  5. Oh. My. God. ... so I think I'm going on three trips in the next couple of months! (Jet lag much?)


    1. It looks like the trip to Phoenix to see Franz is actually gonna happen!

    2. My mom and her aunt are going to the Philippines and I'm coming with her! (I haven't been there since I was 12!)

    3. The Vegas/Grand Canyon/possibly also Phoenix trip with my friends!


    I got the okay from my FT job, now just need to check with my Apple job.


    I've been having a rough time at my FT job too... basically it's an issue of coworkers not being productive and being inconsiderate. Like spray painting our logos on our camera cases, which should be done outside! (I don't know how they can stand the fumes, maybe they're doing it on purpose to get high!) I talked to someone about it (I was on the verge of quitting) and it looks like we'll be meeting about it soon, so hope things get better.


    And yes, Lex-o is sexy!

  6. I don't know. I actually haven't been keeping up with the news, especially because it involves someone I knew, you know? It's like all that stuff becomes irrelevant.

  7. I know what you mean—I can't wait for Memorial Day myself! Good thing your vacation is coming up sooner!

  8. Gah, sorry I missed you in chat... again! :facepalm:

  9. Haha, I'll try. ;)

  10. Yeah, the guy who did it was released from a psych ward some time ago. Another sign of the system failing, but also his family—where were they to keep tabs on him?

  11. Thank you! Yours is too!

  12. Yay! Haha, yeah I know, typical islander who's never been in snow right? I've never been in snow, either. :D


    I just got off the phone with one of my friends who I'm going with to see the Grand Canyon on Memorial Day weekend. Looks like another option instead of flying into Phoenix would be flying into and staying in Las Vegas, then driving down to the Grand Canyon for a day. I guess that would be better because there's probably more fun stuff to do in Vegas, but at the same time, I've never made it a life goal to go there. Too many people in Hawaii are all about Vegas that it gets a bit annoying sometimes, haha. Plus, I kind of wanted to explore Phoenix because I don't know too much about it and it would be fun exploring what it has to offer. But I don't mind going to Vegas! Either way would be a neat experience with friends!

  13. Yeah I was born and raised in Hawaii. And my name actually is Liberty. I know, it sounds so patriotic and American :LOL:. I was born on the July 4th, that's why. My parents were funny like that. Nice to meet you Audrey!

  14. You're so lucky you're going snowboarding over spring break! I guess you're grounding would be over by then, hehe.

  15. Yeah both my parents are Filipino. My dad was born here but he grew up in Ilocos Norte. My mom's from Visayas but she grew up in Manila. Tagalog is the only dialect they have in common. :LOL: (Not counting English of course!)


    Haha, I'm not as fluent as I used to be. I'm very fluent in understanding Tagalog though!


    Cool, I'll see you here on the boards! :)

  16. Yeah, it's repetitive. And I guess that's why I have a hard time getting into Radiohead, they do seem pretty boring, hehe.


    My weekend was okay. Worked at Apple yesterday then went to the new Costco in Kapolei today. Didn't go to Target though because there were so many other people that were going there, plus we bought milk and food from Costco so we pretty much had to go straight home anyways. Chilled the rest of the day.


    How about yours?

  17. Hmmm... I don't feel like I listen to enough of their stuff to legitimize having a favorite, though I like "Everything In Its Right Place."

  18. :LOL:


    I only have a few Radiohead songs in my library. Do you?

  19. Yes! I live in Hawaii and I'm Filipino. How about you, where do you live? I see you like Muse and Franz Ferdinand... me too! :) I added you as a friend, I hope you don't mind.

  20. Yay! Freedom! :D I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything. Strangely enough, the sentence that said you were drunk had more typos in it than the rest of your message :LOL:

  21. Did your friend like Muse because of Twilight? Or vice versa? Or was it random coincidence she likes both? And does she only like SMBH? Yes, that was a lot of questions, sorry. :D


    Yeah that's what makes the whole thing so tragic... unfortunately she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. :(

  22. Yeah, you're right about the Phoenix/Franz thing. More work than it's worth. But I found myself looking up the venue on Google Maps earlier today. I didn't realize how close to the airport it was.


    That "Twatlight" outburst made me chuckle. :LOL:


    I know this is totally random, but I just noticed your birthday is on June 13. Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer), his birthday is on June 13 too.

  23. I just came from visiting Mrs. Yamashita's memorial again to take some snapshots. I was walking along the sidewalk when I crossed paths with this girl who saw my Muse shirt and asked, "Muse... are you a Twilight fan?" :mad: It took a moment for me to register, then I mumbled, "Twilight sucks," and I kept walking, :LOL: I don't think she heard me though.

  24. Ugh seriously. The only time I had a math class that I actually enjoyed was the one class I had to take my freshman year at HPU. Not only was he super nice (and kinda cute lol), he actually made it... fun. (Yup, that's right, fun.) It was Survey of Mathematics so it was as fun as math could get anyway: probability, number patterns, that sort of thing. It was better than taking pre-cal, that's for sure!


    I was looking at the Arizona thread in the gig forum, which started as a topic on a Muse gig in Arizona thread and has evolved into a meet-up thread for the Franz show in Phoenix. :LOL: My friends want to go there Memorial Day weekend and they said they would make it up to me for missing Franz. Awww. I've still kinda been thinking about going for the show though. :p


    Yes, she's in a better place now. RIP Mrs. Yamashita!

  25. I totally believe you. I had a math teacher that would do both: pile on the homework AND fail most of the class. I ended up passing that class (it was trig) with a C but only because she gave me and another classmate (who I work with now) an extra credit writing assignment because she knew we both could write (we wrote for the paper). That trig class is my least favorite class of all time. Big surprise right?


    An extended "Lucid Dreams"? Nice! It's finished downloading for me so I'm starting to listen to it now. "Propane Nightmares" is playing and just launched into the synthy, dance-sounding riff, woo!


    Yeah, she was a great teacher and a good person who didn't deserve to leave the way she did. After work today, I left a lei at the makeshift memorial that's been growing at the front of the school and I could feel myself tear up. I wish I had visited her one last time... but I guess there's no use for that kind of thinking now. I'm gonna miss her, we all will.

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