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  1. Hi are you voting for the Muse setlists for the summer tour?

  2. Vote for your favourite Muse songs! :)

  3. Hey have you been voting for your favourite Muse songs yet?

  4. I've voted on all the European shows I am going to and I haven't voted for any obvious ones like Hysteria or KoC which will be in the set list regardless. So vote for the rare live ones instead....Showbiz?

  5. Nice! Have you voted for your Muse songs? When do you visit then? I live about 3 hours or so away from London.

  6. I know but still have you voted for your Muse songs? For the summer tour?? :D

  7. Have you voted for your Muse songs?

  8. yeah sucks! I wanted to get one as well, I still have the album and the live experiences of it though ;) Can't beat that sound of Muse live eh?

  9. Then you know more than most people, I am off now. It was nice talking to you

    Ate-Logo :D

  10. Which is harder to you, English or Spanish?

  11. English (obv), Italian, Russian, some French, German and Portuguese...not bad :D

  12. Sim, um dos seis idiomas que falo :D

  13. Ha indeed, er como e o seu alemao?

  14. Sim compreendo, Um menino com muitas linguas e sempre popular ;)

  15. haha acredito que nao, nao falo muito portugues¬ ;)

  16. Ah Muito obrigada senhora :D

  17. I am doing a Muse tour haha I will come back for RiR :D I know more Portuguese now than I did then"

  18. I swear at that gig the intro "We are the Universe" was said in Portuguese! Wow it was amazing to see the towers again! Ha I can't wait to come back to Portugal :D

  19. Ah Portugal I know! I saw Muse in Nov at Lisbon, I like your country very much, it has some of the best fans! :D

  20. I was lucky this year, they sell out incredibly fast in the UK...literally minutes! Did you not get a ticket?

  21. I shall see them as much as I possibly can. I still wish I could have seen them at Wembley Stadium :( oh well good job I am going this year :D

  22. I can't believe the situation with the Exogenesis single...I want one!!!

  23. I waited a very long time to see Muse live...9 years actually and I saw their Homecoming gig in Devon as my first show! Worth the wait! :D

  24. Ah I have to admit there are some bands on the line up I don't like (McFly) but it will be awesome to see Muse again! Thanks for the photo comment :D

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