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  1. http://muse.mu/news/article/626/exogenesis-release-for-record-store-day-2010/ I read this and I was so shocked :( How comes you want to know if I live near London eh?
  2. Hi, what's up? I heard about the Exo-Genesis single :(

  3. Hi there, I shall be seeing Muse soon! What about you? :)

  4. Hi long time no speak. How are things? Did you get that tattoo in the end? :)

  5. Ha and mine is Red, which is therefore the best colour possible!!! Would Matt be wrong?? ;)

  6. Still it is nice though but do you prefer it to black then? :)

  7. Ah a bit busy going absolutely crazy? Forgiven...http://www.youtube.com/user/emexlondaxe78?feature=mhw5 see my videos on there! :p

  8. Hey nice avatar! Happy fruit? How long until you go to see Muse?

  9. There is always time to learn :p

  10. Fingers crossed then that they will play a show near you then! I think they will be busy in america for a while! :)

  11. Lucky for you then that UK has the best bands on the planet! :D I'm sure you will agree with your tastes in music ;)

  12. And as for the piano skills, how long have you been playing? :)

  13. Nice video, was the original bliss an inspiration?

  14. No news of a Muse gig in South America yet eh? :D

  15. Are you going to any more Muse concerts soon? They have announced even more this time! :D

  16. Expand your mind, it is awesome! Surely you must like the Russian composers?

  17. I've been quoted! :p But I replied a minute after that asking what's new...so? :) You wouldn't delete me would you?

  18. Why would you want to delete me anyway? :(

  19. A war documentary about Russia in Afghanistan! The song was by them! Don't you like them?

  20. I sent you a message the other day (15th) and you did not reply back to me. I only come on here for a short while as my life is very busy. :p

  21. Oh I just missed you! How are things going? I bet you are waiting until Muse play the South Americas again? :p

  22. Yeah they are pretty epic live! Did you like the We are the Universe intro before Uprising? Did you take any photos at all?

  23. Hey do you like Lube - Davai Za? I just heard them and like them very much! :D

  24. ah cool times! Music is something that I enjoy too, a way of expression eh? :p What's new these days?

  25. Hey long time no speak! Have been doing more music since we last spoke? Are you going to any of the shows in america to see Muse?

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