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  1. I heard Neutron Star Collision yesterday when it was first previewed and I must confess I do like it. I know it is for the twilight film but Matt still makes a good song! I think he said he wrote it when he broke up with his girlfriend. Do you like it?

  2. Hi all is good, have you been checking out the new Muse single?

  3. Hi, sorry for the absence, how are things over there?

  4. Hey are you keeping tabs on this new single over there? I will like Neutron Star Collision because it's Muse but I don't approve of them being associated with twilight! :(

  5. Hey that's really cool! I bet you can't wait to see them again :) Things are good thanks, I'm not really here much (always attached to my guitar :p) but I can't wait for the Muse European tour once they finish america.

  6. 7 should do it for the year I reckon :p Yourself? The price is worth it!

  7. I really should update this do but I'm hardly ever at a computer now. I am usually buried in a book somewhere these days and awaiting the glorious MUSE EUROPEAN TOUR!!! :D

  8. I am glad you tried with words (because let's be honest there isn't a word good enough to describe it!) What was your favourite song of the night and did you like the towers?

  9. Good for you :) I've met Tom before, he's just as cool as you think!

  10. The greatest music and the greatest music festivals ;) What is the equivalent to Reading Festival in Russia?

  11. You know the libertines are playing at Reading this year...I'm sure you will be jealous ;)

  12. Whoah! How was it? Were you at the San Fransisco gig? Ah hate me? :(

  13. Oh what other american bands do you like as well?

  14. Did you have a nice time then? If it was anything like I said it was going to be it should have been indescribably awesome! Did you take any photos?

  15. I was busy sorry. I'm not a fan of them no :p I've never really been into their music! But I do like Lube even though you say they are rubbish! :D

  16. I'm always on my holidays! :D I'm spending all my time constantly attached to my guitar! I'm listing to Amalia Rodrigues at the moment :D I like fado a lot!

  17. No just the one cat. I should be worried because I fear that the people who will ultimately hold the power in the country will only abuse it! Ah do you know much about British Politics then?

  18. Hello how are things since we last spoke?

  19. Bah all of our major parties are bad and none of them are good enough to run our country! My cat is a.....black and white cat? ha I don't know what breed :p

  20. Ouch sounds bad! But you are ok now then? I've been reading into some very interesting things before our country's Elections!

  21. http://muse.mu/page.aspx?page=poll you get to choose three songs for the set list! :D How are you these days?
  22. Haha old :p If you click on the link that mentions something about summer set lists, then all the information you require is located there :D

  23. Yes songs like The Groove :(

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