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  1. ohoh xD don't worry..I haven't been online for ages...scholl...ya know.. :/

  2. dear! :D I'm ok...school is a bitch though :(

    and you?


  3. I have many spies spying on you :ninja:




    I'm ok, still on summer holidays :D

  4. hey! :joker:

    I'm okies and you?


  5. hey Orsetto ^^


    I'm ok, summer holidays will end in Septemeber *sigh* meh.


    thank you for being posting pics of Matt in my LB :D


    where are joo?


  7. I know he's there with you :joker:


    just admit you've been sexin' him :D

  8. hey hey, red friend :chuckle:

  9. hey hey! :D

    I'm doing great, how about you, dear? ^^

  10. Parrrrris! :D & Morgan :eyebrows:


  11. Netty :D

    howzz you?

  12. pokemon rules! :D

    I prefer charmander :p

  13. ohwow, new avatar, I see :ninja:

  14. acho bem :o

    eu tambem tive bue tempo sem aqui vir, agora os mods andam a coisar.s....a chatearem o pessoal do PMT --'

  15. revela-te :fear:

    já não te vejo há anos por aqui :eek:


  16. Jan! where are youuu? :supersad:

  17. I'm ok dear :kiss:

    I haven't been around much xD


  18. :pope:

    My little perrrrve! :kiss:

    miss you too :(


  19. na :p everything is ok, thamk you.

    I'm on vacations, not much time to hang here xD


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