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  1. SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :eek:

  2. wuvzzz ya! :D

    and Ewan :)

  3. :o you look awesome in that pic of yours! :pope:

  4. ah claro xD passava ali por abrantes e tal na....pode ser que alguém tenha o bom senso de por aquilo no youtube
  5. misssss youuuuuuuuu :supersad:

  6. i miss yaaaaa!! :O

  7. me: take yer time mah dear :chuckle:

    Daveh: i blame Heikki :ninja:

  8. Emma!! :D

    Daveh: yooo :cool:

  9. Daveh: :eek: you interrupted us :O

    me: :pope: sorreh AM xD

  10. i could b better *sighs*

    and ya? ^^

  11. dear AM, i've received yer letter today =D

    love it :ninja:

    tomorrow i'll send yer postcard as promissed :ninja:

    fank ya fer the Maff Faff =D


    p.s: i wuved the Portugalia xD

  12. sorreh dear *sighs*:( but i rly can't b here....teste will start...and i don't want to fail them..

    i'll b here as soon as possible ;)

    Cheers :)


  13. heya!! :D

    i'm fine and ya? ^^

  14. on Sunday? :stunned:


    nah..my net it the worset of all xD

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