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  1. where are you? :supersad:

  2. me wants the reward :ninja:

  3. yeeesss :eyebrows:

    *keeps seeking*

  4. you love it too :ninja:


  5. hide and seek..remember? :ninja:

    perve <3

  6. cute hair, btw



    p.s.: I think I've said this to you at least 31423434 times :eek:

  7. you are cute when you want ^^

  8. *ruffles hair*

    nawww :happy:

  9. *huggles*

    now, don't say i'm being naughty :chuckle:

  10. you're being mean, David :supersad:

    i was kidding with you...

  11. fear me, ya perve! :fear:

  12. oh, you forgot that I'm a ninja :ninja:

  13. wot?

    you don't usually win xD

  14. xD

    you perve a lot about....hmm....lemme think...xD

  15. :happy:

    I fell in love with that man xD.....oh god :supersad:

  16. me? Teannant perve? xD

    i'm pure :phu:

  17. liarrrrr! :joker:

    you're worse than me :p

  18. i'm not a pervert David...you are :ninja:

  19. it was with no bad intention :eek:

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