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    Take a wild guess...MCR, 30 seconds to Mars...You know that kinda stuff
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    LOTR Trilogy, Harry Potter, again stuff like that.
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    Freinds of course
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    Harry Potter, LOTR, 50 Shades Trilogy
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    Showbiz, OOS, Hullabaloo, Absolution, BHAR, HAARP, The Resistence, The 2nd Law.
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    Marley Park, V at Stafford, Seaside rendezvous, Amnville, Birmingham, Glasto, Wembley, Reading Festivel, London 2012, Hamburg 2012, Emirates 2013, World War Z 2013.
  1. There's a queue of people here already, are you looking in the right place?
  2. Me and my friends have got our tickets. This is our xmas trip:) Can't wait!
  3. Yeh I know, way too many but at least we know when we're seeing them again

  4. and now it's a fuck load more sleeps, toooooooo manyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I have Muse fever again weeeeeeeeeeeeee waaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh

  5. I only just seen your two more sleeps post lol

  6. Can you tell I've arrived at Panic Station :LOL:;)

  7. :awesome: it's good to be back hehe
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