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    Like happy cows, I come from California.
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    I own all Muse albums and one DVD.
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    Sadly, I've never seen Muse in concert.
  1. that's all the ticketmaster event page said for a bit. They put the event back up though!
  2. Is anyone else getting this message? " Sorry, but this event no longer exists in our database."
  3. I just saw that. Does it require a presale code?
  4. I was on at 10 AM and I didn't even get to put in my credit info before I got an error message.
  5. Hate that it's on a Monday, but I will definitely be there! It'll be my first Muse concert.
  6. rememebr me lol

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  8. I had a chance to see them last year, but unfortunately I didn't have sufficient funds. :(

    They don't come around the states much these days. good luck in your goal to see them!

  9. Hey I feel for you, I've been trying since 2001 to see Muse live... unsuccessful so far lol! Keep trying is what I've been told countless times!

  10. pretty paul plays pokemon.

  11. Don't say please!

  12. Hey you! Get on MSN please =)


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