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  1. Despite ticketweb's new message about extra spaces, my code DOES NOT work!!!
  2. ticket code doesn't work!

  3. Dead Sara have opened for Muse in the earlier leg of the US tour
  4. If you haven't already heard, thought I'd let you all know that Biffy Clyro will not be supporting Muse at the Izod as Simon has a respiratory problem. No clue who will be opening so the time Muse comes on stage may be different.
  5. Well you better check out the 2nd night's setlist then ... it was amazing! The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Supremacy Panic Station Supermassive Black Hole (Rage Against the Machine's Revolver outro) Plug In Baby Resistance Hysteria (Star-Spangled Banner intro, … more) Knights of Cydonia (Man with a Harmonica intro) Feeling Good (Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley cover) (Lightning Bolt's Dracula Mountain intro) Follow Me Sunburn Liquid State Madness Time Is Running Out (House of the Rising Sun intro) Undisclosed Desires Dead Star (First time played in the US … more) The 2nd Law: Isolated System Uprising (Extended outro) Encore: Starlight Survival
  6. Was at MSG both nights and they did indeed on the last night play songs from each of their albums including most definitely their first 2... Dead Star, Sunburn, PIB and Feeling Good, and so on so not sure which setlists you are looking at.
  7. If anyone has 1 or 2 extra GA tx for sale could you please contact me ... I have my own but my friend's business trip to Boston was cancelled due to the very unfortunate recent events. If you can help it would be appreciated.
  8. Hello!!!! Thank you for the wonderful bracelet! I love how Muse inspires so much creativity in all of us. I will try to find your boat and write more later. (My daughter wants use of computer! Ha ha!)

  9. Thanks! Glad to make yours as well, Manuella!! :D

  10. Hi Jenn...glad to make your acquaintance :p

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