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  1. I really like the second and third ones, especially the second one. It could turn out really awesome if you did it in colour
  2. I likes the OoS artwork best. I also really like the pictures on the booklet as well, particularly the one on the first page. Then it probs goes: 2. HAARP 3. Absolution 4. BHAR 5. Hullaboloo. The pictures in the booklet are pretty though 6. Showbiz. That cover is just And if we're including singles, I've always had a soft spot for the Cave CDs
  3. I've converted my 2 year old cousin. Every time she comes to my place, she asks me to put on Knights of Cydonia. I feel that it is my duty to expose her to good music from a very early age.
  4. I've always heard Cake on your dead skies in stead of Take of your disguise and Cultivate, How to cultivate, Tried to put a whale on, No time to set us free instead of Come to be How'd it come to be Tied to a rail road No time to set us free How did I come up with that...?
  5. I reckon that Spiral Statistic would be pretty epic. But if they were to compose a new song, I think that a cross between Hysteria and Take a Bow with a little bit of Space Dementia would suit Bond perfectly. Just something that builds to a huge crescendo.
  6. I heard somewhere that their voices get higher as they get older...
  7. I like most things about Matt but mostly his dark hair, blue eyes, cheekbones, body and thanks to this thread, his hands I like Dom's mouth, nose, teeth and facial expressions. They're adorable Chris I think is abit underrated. In all of those pictures back from when Matt had long hair and Dom had ugly woolen sweaters, Chris was way better looking than them
  8. I think that Falling Away With You would be perfect. It's about the end of relationships, I think, and they've never played it before so it would just make it that much more special.
  9. Thank you very muchly I like yours as well I especially like the Matt santa and the last two ones
  10. i made these the other day I could watch that all day
  11. I can remember the first time i heard them quite vividly. t'was such a defining moment in my life i was sitting on my bed listening to a compilation cd, triple j i think, and Bliss came on an i was like i LOVE this. I actually was so in awe of it that i could barely eat my dinner
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